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3 scientific methods of recovery from setbacks

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  • Release on:2017-08-30
Mark Twain believes that good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from 
wrong judgment
Make the mistake of growth. Frustration is given, but you did not cope well. You let the problem 
paralyze you, or do you use it as a learning experience? A coping mechanism, scientific proof, 
psychological treatment failure to help you better. Here are three tips to help you recover from 
setbacks. Even use them to your advantage.

1. be an optimist
If you are not born, don't be afraid: optimism is something you can teach
Dr. Jim Jacinta is a psychologist and coach Standford e glasses in the head of the betterup, an 
executive coach who each level in the organization of the company, not only has. She said, 
from the study of Martin Seligman, the famous psychologist, professor and writer, shows that if 
we can adjust our "explanatory style" approach we explain why they, we experienced a special 
event, we can learn to maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity.
The eyes and frustrations you next time, Dr. Jimenez suggested on Seligman 3 PS (: a 
permanent setback? How universal (permanent), will be setbacks affect your life or just a part of 
it (?) personalized setback really is caused by you?).
Optimistic people are good at identifying bad events for the time being, so they don't divide 
themselves into other areas of their lives, and instead of completely blaming themselves for 
what happened
2. use a healthy coping mechanism
The resistance of a poor man on the sofa watching TV when eat too much drink common 
requirements of isolation. Actively, use your resources to control the negative emotions, improve 
your situation requires more effort, but in the long run, this will help you feel better.
Positive coping methods including participation in social activities and exercise, the release of 
endorphins, the brain feel good chemicals. The latest research from Princeton suggests that 
exercise can relieve anxiety and help people cope better with stress.
Do creative things can make you feel better, Susan Peppercorn provides an occupation and 
positive working partner life coach and CEO. She said, in a creative activity they love people 
have more happiness, there is a study to prove it. Especially in the after the disappointment in 
a creative activity can restore your sense of self control, to broaden your horizons.
Three. Learn from your mistakes
Another healthy thing in frustration after do some introspection. Try pepper growth oriented 
thinking, allow you to focus on the things you have learned and this knowledge can help you 
improve your career, rather than just looking at the failure.
Failure can discourage you and lose your sense. If you move to what you can learn from it and 
decide how it will help you grow, you can eliminate the process of shame, blame, and thinking, "
she said
Your mistakes can even help the people around you.Ash Norton is a chemical engineer, founder
 of Norton engineering leadership. She said she had a lot of mistakes in the occupation career, 
but she never let them stop her. In fact, she made a conscious effort to share with the people 
around me, which helps her throughout the organization. Progress.
Norton pointed out that Amy Edmondson of Harvard University observed a similar study in her 
hospital learning: "she found the nursing unit is the best number of those false reports. Most of 
her research shows that the error is the key input of organizational learning. She found that the 
outstanding performance of the team will not make more mistakes than the other team. They are 
just a little more willing to share their own mistakes, it makes the whole team reaped the benefits 
of learning.
Probably none of us entrepreneurs have met with setbacks. It's how we cope with these 
challenges that determines our success. Fortunately, we have science lessons on this side.