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Here, sharing the unmanned aircraft on call!

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-08-29
The times are changing so fast that you can't imagine all kinds of "great changes" that subvert our 
Shared BMW hasn't responded yet,
Now, the sharing planes are coming!
A few days ago, Audi share, sharing BMW car sharing turned out, maxed circle of friends, let us 
sigh surprised. But no matter how much more convenient affordable car sharing, how beautiful the 
scenery along the way is good, meet the following scene, as well as no place.

Now, this situation can be solved soon, because the sharing of aircraft are ready to come!
Recently, Dubai RTA announced -
Unmanned manned aircraft (air taxi)
It is planned to be put into operation in Dubai in July this year
There are 8 propellers, 4 outrigger arms

Most importantly, it only needs 1 passengers
Because it's a pilotless plane!
Compared to "shared cars"
Sharing airplanes, not even driving licenses.

How to share a plane?
Look at the simple steps:
1, it's very convenient to use. When we call a plane, we only need to make an appointment with 
an aircraft on the APP, and the aircraft will fly directly from the base to the passengers.

2, the mobile phone is the car keys, passengers on the plane, you can set the flight route, a key 
operation, you can take passengers to reach the destination.
3, "return the plane", the direct click on the end of the trip, the aircraft will then pick the next 
passenger, may also fly back to base independently, avoiding the embarrassment of parking 
spaces in the city center.
Passengers do not have to worry about accidents during flight, because in this process, the 
system will collect real-time, analyze all kinds of sensor data, and then plan the path to you in 
the fastest and safest way to your destination.
Too strong!!! I can't believe it! Sharing planes really came! Faster than all of us imagined!