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Chinese scientists have successfully developed tonnage class unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-10-27
China News Agency, Beijing, October (reporter Zhang Su) 26 reporters learned from the Chinese 
Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics Research Institute and other 
institutions jointly developed the world's first tonnage class cargo unmanned aerial vehicle 
(UAV) 26

This large cargo UAV called AT200, a total length of 11.84 meters, with a wingspan of 12.8 
meters, 4.04 meters high, the maximum takeoff weight of 3.4 tons, is the current domestic and 
international civilian UAV in the field of "big guy". Its storage capacity is 10 cubic meters, the 
effective load of 1.5 tons.
26 days, AT200 in Shaanxi Pucheng inner airport successfully "first flight", the whole flight 
process lasted 26 minutes. The aircraft in the predetermined height hover for two weeks, the 
whole state is stable, track tracking accuracy, to meet the design requirements.

The Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics Research Institute of R & D team, AT200 is 
equipped with advanced flight control system and command system, completely get rid of 
dependence on the pilot, the aircraft "key control center. In the autonomous landing" UAV 
flight control hands only need to monitor state, when necessary through simple operation to 
change the flight state greatly reduce the freight cost and the difficulty of the operation.
The researchers say that they used single engine aircraft P750XL as the prototype of the 
unmanned research design, through man-machine change without the overall design of 
unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft, engine, control system, aircraft aerodynamic parameter 
identification, the quality characteristics of the whole machine test and other key technologies 
of.AT200 with freight large load, long life time, taking off and landing ability other performance 
advantages, has the potential commercial value.
For example, AT200 cruising speed of 313 kilometers per hour, long life time of about 8 hours, 
a range of 2183 kilometers, ceiling can be more than 6000 meters. The aircraft can take off 
and landing within 200 meters in full cargo, even on a slope, landing on the grass. Run this 
way, in the land of traffic developed in western mountain area and the high elevation area, it 
can also complete the point-to-point transport freight line.
Experts point out that the AT200 short takeoff and landing ability to solve the problem of large 
tonnage Island landing UAV, through follow-up and set point delivery capacity, further increase 
the delivery accuracy of the aircraft will have broad application prospects in the Belt and 
Road Initiative along the Southeast Asian countries.