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"Chinese electric fan" can have 3D effect

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-10-26
Recently, foreign friends on social media issued a document that they China prior to the trip back 
to the same very cool objects, LED fan with 3D effect. It is like an electric fan, while the leaves 
turn to show a picture of 3D images.

(a blogger's Instagram screenshot)
The effect is this:

In this regard, foreign Internet users have said, this is too cool! Great! Many foreign users are 
launched a fancy Buy mode, begged this "Chinese electric fan""!
So, is it really an electric fan?:
Rising lovers: Chinese Internet users also want to buy fancy
Jasmine fragrance is not 537: after the fan opened, you can go directly to the movie!!!!!
Lin thousand night: want to cheat me to go abroad to sell electric fan!
Salted egg -: with special effects, I want to have it, I am also a doctor strange!!
What is it used for? The country can buy? The reporter conducted in-depth interviews, found the 
same cool like fans of the "little guy", than foreign users show the picture more cool, more proud 
of the people of Nanjing is proud of us, this cool high-tech products is the graduation Southeast 
University in Nanjing after 90 guy and his young team created together! Can be said to be too 
awesome! Reporter recently interviewed this has been an angel round of venture capital to 
young entrepreneurial team after the deep feeling, no one can casually succeed, even if they 
are technology Daniel, behind the success of the pay also worthy.
"Dazzle screen" is regarded as an electric fan by foreign users
"After being sent a video online, this few days received thousands and we hope that the 
cooperation of the company." Nanjing tashigi digital CEO purple cow comprehensive told news 
reporters, this equipment is in a while ago, the domestic advertising exhibition by foreign 
customer bought, filmed later at home and abroad has more than 20 million hits "foreign friends 
feel strange. The point is that it really is a fan, that China fan too cool, but in fact it's full name is
" 3D smart holographic Hyun screen ", is similar to a fan video carrier." comprehensive 
introduction, "dazzle screen" to create the effect is the main air screen and after it is spinning by 
LED light to the human eye to light visual principle to form a dynamic picture, since there is no 
border, there is no fixed screen, looks like the image is suspended in the air, the naked eye 3D 
A kind of
The main purpose of the invention is to dazzle screen with advertising, purple cow comprehensive 
told news reporters, although we still do not see it in life, but many large exhibitions, many 
international brands have begun to promote the choice of this technology. At present, they have 
developed dazzle screen diameter 50 cm, 65 cm, 1 meters and other types, but the production 
sale at only 50 cm, while the Australian netizens in the video is the 50 cm screen. At the same 
time they dazzle also developed can dazzle screen mobile portable mobile power, through 
publicity can carry on the body, the combination can create more cool special effects.

"Dazzle screen" 3D naked eye effect is very shocking