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China's second C919 Test Flight to verify key performance of engine

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-12-18
In May 5th this year, the first C919 aircraft to fly the first success in China, and also to Yanliang in 
early November, carry out the follow-up test subjects. Today (17) morning, second aircraft made 
large aircraft C919 will be in Shanghai Pudong test flight, which means that the development of 
C919 large passenger aircraft has taken a key step, comprehensive test flight of the new journey 
is gradually opened.
As the second test flight C919 aircraft, what are the test subjects for the 102 aircraft? What are 
the importance of these test subjects for the C919 flight test?
Verify the key performance of the engine.

According to the plan, there will be 6 aircraft C919 aircraft in flight. The 6 aircraft have focused 
on the task. Wang Wei introduced the second flight test aircraft C919, No. 10102, the future will 
be the main important system performance measurement for C919, especially in the engine as 
the representative of the aircraft power system.
Chinese fly civil aircraft flight test center chief engineer Wang Wei: we image that it is the heart 
of the airplane, the hydraulic system, fuel system, aircraft power system.102 aircraft as blood 
vessels that supply the heart stress are very important for our entire test flying said C919 forensics 
is a very important link.
Try to launch a transfer test in January next year
Wang Wei introduced that, in addition to today's test flight, the 102 aircraft will also carry out a 
series of test flight subjects in Shanghai. Prepare for the transfer to the field.
Chinese fly civil aircraft flight test center chief engineer Wang Wei: mainly to check 22 systems in 
Shanghai, and then flew about more than 120 test points, we arranged 4 to 6 sorties to complete 
these tasks. We strive to have the transition conditions at the end of January, this is our goal.
C919's flight test will challenge a number of difficulties
Jumbo as China's first self-developed C919, many test subjects of China's civil aircraft industry 
are for the first time, not only difficult, and high risk, this is the future C919 flight will face 
If we want to ensure safety, C919 must have a comprehensive understanding of its limit value, 
which requires a number of experimental flights to get. Especially stall, flutter and natural icing are 
very risky. Once there are errors, the consequences can not be imagined.

Chinese fly civil aircraft flight test center chief engineer Wang Wei: what is the concept of the 
aircraft stall? If no control, no aircraft speed. Once the aircraft speed is gone, will fall off. So
these things small speed in the end is how much? How much is the rate? What is the height? 
We have to rely on the actual to fly in the air..