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4000 kilometers per hour, "flying iron" faster than bullets, but the human body can withst

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-04
After the high-speed rail, China threw out a huge plan for the development of rail transportation.

In August 30th, China central state-owned aerospace enterprises Aerospace Science and industry
 said it is demonstrated a "high flying train" project, the combination of magnetic levitation 
technology, integrated orbit supersonic flight technology and vacuum pipeline technology project 
is in accordance with the three speed target completed step by step: 1000 km, 2000 km and 4000 
The project leader Mao Kai said the Economic Observer reported, at present the preliminary 
scheme of this project has been completed. The Economic Observer learned from the 
stakeholders, the program is composed of a number of agencies to work together, which is 
completed by a university to magnetic parts.
This is not the only Chinese high-speed train plan. Chinese largest rail train manufacturer 
Chinese Zhongche in 2016 also started the development, a speed of 600 km maglev train in 
China railway construction has also set up a professional maglev company. The economic 
observer from China.
Zhongche was informed by the relevant parties, the car is Chinese maglev project brewing a 
"upgrade", the project will be disclosed in September this year, new projects will be faster, lighter 
and more energy saving.
Chinese for land transportation speed pursuit is becoming increasingly strong, especially in the 
previous concern of high-speed rail project success -- currently China operating high-speed 
railway mileage has more than 22 thousand kilometers, the Zhang Yue intensive high-speed rail 
network is also a world-class large infrastructure projects.
Southwest Jiao Tong University professor of superconducting and new energy research and 
development center Zhao Yong said the Economic Observer reported, China has certain 
advantages in the aspect of "super high" technology R & D, which experience a part of the 
advantages derived from high-speed development and construction have accumulated and 
engineering operation experience. Zhao Yong led the team to start research involves vacuum 
tube magnetic levitation the train just before 2011.
When the "super high" can fall? There is no answer, "high-speed train" project leader Mao Kai 
said the Economic Observer reported, high-speed train is a huge and complex system, for 
scientific caution, so in the current stage, it is difficult to provide a schedule to the public.
Zhao Yong on the economic observer said, "when the super high iron can fall and is not just a 
technical decision, it depends on the two aspects of technology and market demand." some of 
the underlying current technology is relatively mature, regardless of the cost if the government, 
enterprises, scientific research institutions to work closely, 1000 kilometers per hour train landing 
can be 'years' period to look forward to. "Zhao Yong said.