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The Germans are hanging up again, using leaves instead of plastic to make the world's greenest d

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-05
As people fall in love with some takeout, the amount of disposable tableware have doubled, 
packing box, plastic bag has become the city's garbage. From the German Leaf Republic 
team invented a with leaves instead of plastic, 100% recyclable natural disposable tableware.
How do you change leaves into dishes? See you together

This is Leaf ^ Republic team finally design out of the finished product, not only waterproof oil, it 
is completely biodegradable disposable tableware for fertilizer, the production process does not 
use any glue, paint and other chemical products, pure natural. However, to make this can 
change the world tableware, the process is not less smooth and beautiful!
The founder of the Pedram office window, there is a dense forest, but one day he saw a piece 
of the environmental crisis reports:

Every two seconds, the size of a football field in the area of deforestation, 13000000 hectares 
of trees to make pulp every year, which is equivalent to a UK size. The pulp, quite a part is 
used for making disposable tableware.

In addition to the destruction of nature, on the other hand, we produce waste rate is also 
growing, there are more than 10 tons of garbage scattered into the environment every year, 
of which the disposable tableware made of plastic or paper a year, the accumulation of more 
than a Mount Qomolangma, and the garbage in the nature to complete degradation of at 
least 730000 day.

See these, founder Pedram think it's time to do something what to change this bad world. 
So he thought, so many leaves in the forest, why not to cut down trees, whether can use 
these as deciduous trees? It immediately. He immediately called some of his friends, did not 
expect the designer, engineer what hit it off, you should have done.

It's really good.
I hope I can promote it.
Also hope that there are more enterprises and individuals.
Be able to move forward with such a sense of mission.
Protect the earth and protect the environment we live in,
Everyone needs to do their bit.