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More than 3500 tons of sand to build: the world's highest sand Fort 16.68 meters

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-06
Chinese people are keen to create a variety of wonderful fun, Guinness world record, foreign 
friends as well. Many records do let us up to see or get entertainment, and recently Duisburg 
Germany also announced that they have created a new Guinness world record, they create a 
world the highest sand castle.

The castle is not a simple, it is made from 10 countries of the designer team, with more than 
3500 tons of sand, it took three weeks to create, at the same time, the castle has fused from 
all over the world architecture and cultural elements.
We can see the Sphinx in the sand castle in Venice, Otto bridge, Colosseum, Buddha, Elvis 
Presley cemetery and so on. Do not know the sand castle, can be used to make a 3D printer? 
After all 3D printers can build a house.
It is reported that more than 180 thousand people visited the castle, and the castle plan will be 
maintained until September 29th. Last year, when the team of designers in the world record 
challenge failed, so this year they decided to adopt a different kind of sand, they finally chose 
very fine quartz. Finally, they will refresh the world record of success to 16.68 meters. Of course, 
the highest in the world before the sand castle is located in India Puri, height of 14.8 meters.

However, the record will be used to break up, with the continuous development of science and
 technology, perhaps we can in the construction, apply to more scientific and technological 
strength, and create more possibilities. You know to build a sand castle, is not to say that the 
sand piled up on the can, in the building at the same time, you have to considering the balance
 of bearing material. Many problems, as long as a part of the problem, then it is likely that we 
see is a collapsed sand castle.
Do not know the 16.68 metres world record Guinness how long? The most important is that the 
sand castle high enough at the same time, but also take into account the art. Do not know the 
Chinese architects gods, have no interest in going to create a new record?