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Never power charging treasure "shake", you can charge the phone

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-07
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people for intelligent requirements become 
increasingly high, especially the intelligent mobile phone, change rapidly, often progress is a new 
breakthrough, but for mobile phone function has been improved, but there are still shortcomings, 
such as mobile phone battery life is always difficult to solve the problem, although the mobile 
power supply has certain effect on endurance, but on some special occasions, charging treasure 
also has the electricity shortage. How to do?

In order to solve this problem, designers still open all kinds of brain, recently purchased wayward
 Xiaobian recommend a creative life master, the Be.Energy team developed HandEnergy small 
things up or to drive the power charging treasure.

Do not know if you first saw this creative product design, the first reaction is what it? It looks like 
a ball, very cute, buy small wayward thought it was a small box? Can carry it, but I do not know 
he should have a mobile power supply, it is how to do?

This is a HandEnergy creative product design. It is similar to some external products on the 
same mobile phone intelligent mobile power, can be a hand, some color is pure color. Actually 
it is a mobile power supply, with 1000mAh battery capacity, thus the battery can only be used 
to emergency charging.

Just a small mobile power, it is nothing strange, why can you make up for the lack of mobile 
The most special is that it is not the original battery capacity is small, but it can produce 
current in shaking and rotating, charging for mobile phone, the internal rotating wheel can 
produce current in high speed operation, it can generate the highest current of 5V/1A, the 
built-in battery can provide 5V/ 0.8A. so as to hold, and then try to shake rotate it, can charge 
for your iPhone. This is really amazing!