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Cloud track open scene fiery, zero security failure, zero passenger complaints, straddle type monora

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-08
When the high-speed train flight we still laugh at 4000 kilometers per hour is another tell some 
fantastic tales, more "down to earth" rail transport - cloud rail opened, the official in Yinchuan 
run by BYD research and development of rail transit line, is the world's first commercial building, 
which is a cheaper, more flexible use transport.

A brief opening ceremony held in August 31st after BYD, the first monorail line at the capital 
city of China northwest of Yinchuan on September 1st. In the opening run is China's first with 
completely independent intellectual property rights of the monorail. 

Started from August 31st to mid April this year, announced the completion of the first rail built
 to create cloud the "Yinchuan miracle", in just 130 days.

According to incomplete statistics, the opening day of September 1st, about 40 thousand 
people experience the BYD cloud rail, September 2nd, ushered in 3 flower expo park opened
 the first weekend View Park peak, take visitors more than 60 thousand passengers daily. A 
large number of visitors, the queue up to more than 100 meters, was spectacular.

According to BYD said, because the View Park number exceeded expectations, they started 
the plan, the 1 column of cloud rail planned spare is put into operation, all 7 columns of cloud
 rail full load operation ", and zero zero fault safety, passenger complaints, punctuality rate of 
more than 99%, almost perfect.