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Ten thousand mirror group of solar furnace instantaneous 3500 degrees steel melting in one second

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-11
"An oversized solar stove made up of ten thousand mirrors. Have you seen it yet?"
When we were young, we all played the magnifying glass and ants' game, and we were curious at 
that time. Why do magnifying glasses emit great energy under the sun?...

With the passage of time, scientists have developed and utilized solar energy more and more 
widely. In 1970, French scientist Felix Trombe built the world's largest solar furnace Odeillo...

Located in a wilderness in the Pyrenees Mountains in southern France, it covers an area of about 2000 square meters. The main body of the solar oven is a building with a height of 9 stories. It stands like a mountain in this wilderness...

Although it is just a form of different buildings from afar, but close after you will find, in front of 
the building is a huge concave condenser consists of 9000 small glass mirrors, and its diameter 
is 50 meters of foot...

In the building on the opposite side of the hill, the erection of a heliostat 63 well-proportioned 
of (a light reflection optical device to a fixed direction), it will be a huge concave condenser 
each beam of light reflection to the sun the sun on the stove...

The sun is like a huge furnace optical instrument to collect energy from the sun heliostat, and 
reflected to the concave mirror solar stove body formed on the high density energy of stable 
flow, the energy beam again gathered in front of the tower through the concave mirror, and 

The huge concave condenser produces 1000kW energy, which is equivalent to 3 million 600 
thousand of the heat. If a piece of wood is placed in the light of the solar furnace, it will be 
ignited instantaneously...

Even a 1cm thick steel plate will melt in 30 seconds and eventually become slag...
It is because the solar temperature is too high, and the heating and cooling characteristics are 
very fast, this solar furnace after construction is widely used in the research and development 
of various missiles, nuclear reactors and other required high temperature materials, and testing 
the aerospace industry and other advanced materials, the use of solar energy as a high 
temperature furnace smelting metal...
Moreover, this kind of energy is inexhaustible, and there will be no interference from other 
heating equipment in use, nor will it cause any pollutants. It can be said to be a very clean 
energy source.