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China has built second aircraft carriers, but none of them have been built yet

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-29
A sketch map of the first polar scientific expedition icebreaker built by China.
In September 26, Beijing science and technology daily (reporter Chen Yu) "Snow Dragon 2", will 
become China's first self built icebreaker name.26, responsible person said, the science and 
Technology Daily reporter related China Polar Research Center on the same day, the ship began 
continuous construction, according to the plan, will be completed in 2019, will be with the "Snow 
Dragon icebreaker expedition team a boost.

At the end of last year, the new polar icebreaker in Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) held a 
groundbreaking ceremony. The ignition ice engineering department ship construction deputy 
director Wang Jianzhong told reporters that this is the first expedition icebreaker ship built in 
China, although the basic design from abroad, but is responsible for the detailed design, 
construction design, the domestic design institute, construction craft etc. the classification, 
shipping enterprises, need time to digest the basic design, optimization, audit. In the past six 
months time, the joint efforts of all parties, and constantly optimize the design, to complete the 
detailed design and drawing, construction technology development, key technologies, research 
equipment procurement and other preparatory work, now finally usher in a row the production of 
construction joints.
It is understood that the new polar icebreaker is decomposed into 114 segments were built, then 
the synthesis of the 11 segments, the final closure assembly. In order to maximize the efficiency 
of the project, the resource management system, the project budget, purchasing procedures, 
contract management, use of funds in full control, especially the use of computer modeling first, 
according to the design drawings completed the whole ship model, and then modified according 
to the detailed design, try to advance to solve various technical problems that may be 
encountered in the continuous stage of construction, reduce waste and rework, the construction 
speed is greatly accelerated.
Science and Technology Daily reporter also learned that the ship helicopter procurement is 
progressing smoothly,.9 12, China Polar Research Center and the parties concerned signed a 
contract, will purchase a Leonardo AW169 helicopters.
AW169 ship borne helicopter is the world's most advanced 4 - 5 ton medium twin helicopter, is 
expected to be delivered in early 2019, will be as the new ship shipboard helicopter operation in 
the Arctic and Antarctic harsh environment, combined with the new ship, to promote China's 
polar expedition made protection of new development.
The new polar icebreaker can be broken at the bow and stern, and the rear ice breaking can 
break through the polar 20 meter ice ridges to meet the requirements of unlimited navigation in 
the world.