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The universe is full of danger, why the earth has been safe and sound?

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-28
There are numerous planets in the universe, seem to be quiet, but in fact every day in a great 
change in the universe. Astronomers said, every day there are too many to count stars to 
produce or die, but not the only visible to you. May be just a blink of an eye, in the universe 
there is a planet explosion or die swallowed. So, you have not thought about, formed 4 billion 
600 million years ago, the earth, why can produce human civilization and has been in the 
universe because the earth is safe and sound? Good luck? Obviously not, scientists have 
discovered the reason.

In fact, when astronomers study the Milky Way department found some unusual things, 
because we are the Milky Way lines surrounding planets, stars and galaxies number is too 
small, it is less than elsewhere in the universe. Thus astronomers wonder: our department of 
the Milky Way might be in a huge the empty.

The holes in the idea, very good to explain a problem in astrophysics. When astronomers 
measure the expansion rate of the universe -- Harbert constant, wherever we look to where it 
should be the same. But actually not the case, which showed stronger gravity elsewhere in 
the universe.

Recently, the empty speculation has been confirmed, the University of Wisconsin at Madison 
astronomers have found a huge space, our system seems to exist between the Milky Way 
universe fiber network. The spherical cavity is seven times that of ordinary hollow, span about 
1 billion light-years. That is to say, in a remote area, we in the universe far away, like land of 
idyllic beauty.
The picture shows the cosmic galactic mass distribution obtained by the Sloan Digital Sky 

At the same time, the experts also believe that this is the earth can produce life and multiply 
so far has been one of the reasons. It is because we're in a safe environment, only to avoid 
being swallowed, or suffering from pulsars, supernova violent explosive celestial impact, for 
the ball from life and multiply development provides external conditions good.
The huge void, named KBC, was taken from three of the discoverer Keenan, Barger and 
Cowie, the largest hole astronomers could find.