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He is 20 years only one thing is that Westerners admire admire

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-27
Did he run towards the stars and seas?
The time fixed in the evening of September 15th 23:23: Chinese "eye" of the father, the famous 
astronomer Nan Rendong, died at the age of 72.

In accordance with their wishes, people do not have a memorial service was held for Ren Dong 
His departure, as he was so low-key - in a lack of patience and attention of the times, it always 
stands in the "eye" behind the scientists devoted nearly 1/3 times in life, only to create the 
world's largest radio telescope, the first high level.
The memorial said that he was the brave man who climbed the peak of scientific research, and 
even more a hero
For a whole week, the international astronomical community plunged into collective grief 
because of his departure.

The international astronomical community: "always remember his wisdom, genius, and 
"This is a great loss to the scientific community.""
There are many and Ren Dong Nan foreign scientists have expressed to the intersection of 
the former grief on the Internet.
The Jodyl Bank Observatory's Facebook account issued condolences: "very saddened to
learn of our China counterparts, Professor Nan Rendong died. He is the chief scientist of the 
world's largest radio telescope, has also been well received by colleagues from all over the 
world. We miss his respect bravely before and enthusiasm on astronomy"

On the same day, Michael Gareth, director of the astronomy center at the Leiden University 
in Holland, told his colleagues in the social media the sad news: "a sad news was announced 
this morning.""
As a final farewell to the Chinese scientist, messages from scholars around the world are 

The world's "unique" project listens to the universe with its own radio telescope
"Who are we? Where are we from? Are we alone?""
This is the three question was often talked. Ren Dong Nan
Remember the science fiction novel < < trisomy > >?
If the story of trisomy begins with the earth man, Ye Wenjie receives the waves from 
the depths of the universe and answers them
So the story of Ren Dong Nan can be said to be "< > three prequel" -- he spent 24 
years, led the team to complete the "China eye", is to help people more sensitive to 
distinguish meaningful sounds from the white noise of the universe.
Nan Rendong compares it to "from thunder, I heard a sound."

It all starts in 1993
In Japan, a gathering of the world's top Tokyo radio scientists Union Congress, it is 
proposed that before the global wave environment continues to deteriorate, human 
beings should build a new generation of radio telescope, receiving more messages 
from outer space.
Since then, the center of life Ren Dong Nan is never far away from this theme -- "the 
construction of a new generation of radio telescope" Chinese himself.
In September 2016, he finally turned the vision into reality.
FAST, a 500 meter caliber spherical radio telescope, pulls at 350 meters in an instant 
at the cable's paraboloid, allowing it to change its angle flexibly during observation, and 
receive a wider, weaker signal.

The "eye", the world's largest single aperture radio telescope
It is less sensitive than the previous most advanced Bonn 100 meter telescope was about 
10 times higher than in the United States increased about 2.25 times the Arecibo 300 meter 
As soon as it is switched on, it will receive 1351 light-years of electromagnetic signals, which 
can be used to capture extraterrestrial life signals in the future
"South teacher has promoted a unique project in the world," said Li Di, deputy chief engineer 
of the FAST project
Because of him, China entered stargazing Era
20 years only do this one thing, his colleagues and students say, persistent and forthright 
Ren Dong Nan most people admire.
In order to find a suitable place to build a telescope, he traveled on foot 1000 depressions, 
traveled hundreds of Wo Dang walk, in the southwest of the mountains for 12 years, was 
finally determined in Taiwan site in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau in Karst depression.

Guizhou - Karst depression
Next, in order to fight for the project, and running from Ren Dong Nan: the major science 
and Technology University in the north and south, various domestic and international 
science and technology conference, has his shadow.
In July 2007, the FAST project, Ren Dong Nan as chief scientist and chief engineer. In 
every aspect of the design of FAST in East absent. He turned the steel screws with flat 
shovel cut just played hole threading. Liangshan is still high
"In this project, some people don't understand astronomy. Some people don't understand 
mechanics. Some people don't understand the radio. Some people don't understand the 
metal process. Some people don't know how to draw a picture, but the south teacher knows 
it," his colleague said
But he and Ren Dong Nan explained: "I am particularly afraid of other people owe so much 
money, national, international and some people say that you are boasting, I have to take 
some responsibility"

In "Ren Dong Nan" eye in the sky "project site.
In the "eye" scene, you can really feel "grand" two word meaning, more importantly, it makes 
Chinese astronomical science to catch up with the West.
On the day of FAST's completion, the British media wrote: "China's giant radio telescope is a 
symbol of its ambitious scientific ambitions."
There are foreign media predicted: China entered stargazing era, it (FAST) will continue to 
lead the world in 20 years.
The British media "Daily Mail.
"A really great scientist, you will be with the human civilization, with the vastness of the sky." 
micro-blog users in the news of the death of the Ren Dong nan to pay tribute to him.
More people were moved to his attention. The domestic media commented that it was the 
scientists such as Mr Li, who had such a lovely group of young people on the construction 
site that the Chinese were getting closer and closer to the "Chinese dream"!
There are three days, is the "eye" to start the 1st anniversary anniversary of the completion 
(25 days). The netizen extracts was the famous Ren Dong Nan, as the last memory:
"Beautiful space, with its mysterious and beautiful, we call on mediocrity, into the vast expanse 
of the --"