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WeChat login page style mutation! There are many stories behind the door

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-26

Have you found the difference? The earth picture on the start page changes over the African 
continent over the sky over our motherland.
Why should WeChat change charts?
It turned out that today, Fengyun four satellite officially delivered users to use
This satellite is in the end what is backing?
Who can be big! This is called satellite Fengyun No. four A star, December 11, 2016 successfully 
launched at the Xichang satellite launch center. As China's new generation of geostationary 
meteorological satellite from the first generation (and number two) across to the second 
generation of the first star, and number four to ensure the static meteorological services in China 
continuous, reliable and stable operation, improve China's aerospace industry, is of great 
significance to meteorological enterprise's international status and influence.
I do not understand? Never mind. You only need to remember, whether it is in May this year, 
north sand, or at the end of June to early July in the South "merbok" typhoon, or after the "The 
Belt and Road forum, it has played an important role in meteorological monitoring.
Let's see how serious it is!
Stride across
First of all, the development of the whole satellite of FY four satellite has reached the 
international advanced level, and has realized the leap of our geostationary orbiting 
meteorological satellite from "running" and "running" to "leading"
Specific performance where? FY four satellite to fill the 3 international blank: achieved the 
world's first geostationary interferometric hyperspectral atmospheric detection; the world's first 
radiometer, lightning detector, instrument platform loading, all day long work; the world's first 
geostationary microwave detection technology for the first time validation, 425GHz band 
Secondly, this star also won the first time on the domestic real-time compensation navigation 
registration, the first high sensitive instrument, multiple micro vibration suppression and 
measurement, the first high-precision spectral calibration and full spectrum section, in orbit 
radiometric calibration, such as 7 first
Lightning map"
In addition, Fengyun four has loads of very powerful payloads, such as multichannel scanning 
imaging radiometer, interferometric atmospheric vertical detector, lightning imager and space 
environment monitoring instrument package
They can effectively improve the weather forecast and climate prediction level and enhance 
the ability to monitor the ecological environment by obtaining multispectral, high-precision, 
quantitative observation data and images of the earth's surface and clouds
Take lightning monitoring, it loaded the lightning imaging sensor developed independently by 
China, one minute can shoot 500 lightning, lightning detection range of frequency and 
intensity, so as to realize the monitoring and tracking for the strong convective weather, 
provide lightning disaster warning, this is the first application in China.
In addition, compared with the number two and number four, imaging time resolution is 
doubled. Single star can be completed and number two star network, in order to achieve the 
full 15 minutes in the 1000 disc imaging. X 1000 km within the region, more than observation 
ability and number two, just 3 minutes. With this new Europe a generation of geostationary 
meteorological satellite, equal ability.
This is not, in the system of observation ability, and number four has also significantly 
improved: (1) eyes sharp -- spatial resolution of up to 500 meters high; (2) to reflect more 
agile regional observation time resolution up to 1 minutes; (3) a higher spectral resolution, 
can see the air and surface features more; (4) we can analyze the atmospheric temperature 
and humidity acquisition -- atmospheric three-dimensional structure.