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The puppy fainted because it was so smelly

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-09-25 17:49:02
With the improvement of living standards, the quality of life also have certain requirements, in 
order to have a clean and comfortable residential environment, a lot of people will be at home 
tile or other material floor. As a result, most of the time when we get to their home in the past, 
the first thing is to take off their shoes.

However, shoes this thing will bring some embarrassment. Such as socks hole what, but the 
most embarrassing thing is smelly. But when someone feet were noted, many people will not 
accept or deny. However, there is now a super cute way to you're still not smelly. Verify
As everyone knows, Japan for shoes this thing than any other country in time to seriously, and 
recently a Japanese company has developed a machine dog Hana-chan, it can identify 
different odors, if the smell is very bad, so this adorable puppy will live people fainted.

With the dog, when you are not sure whether the odor, or you feel shy to tell a friend of his feet
 too smelly, the robot dog should be able to help you, you don't have to suffer to help a friend 
or partner to determine when the odor of this thing.
This looks very cute robot dog from Next Technology, is an odor as the top priority of the 
company. In today's society, we have to go to other people, even some public places, the first 
thing is to take your shoes off, and if you have foot odor problems, will take off a shoe give 
others bring great distress. After all, if the whole room is full of "smelly feet cheese", everyone 
will be very embarrassed. So we can make the machine to identify it in your first dog slippers 

The robot dog is able to respond to different smell, because the machine dog built-in sensor 
can detect if there is no smell or taste, taste more fragrant, so the dog will be satisfied with the 
"little head", and the tail to tell you, it is very satisfactory, like our life as a dog, will show a 
state of joy.
On the contrary, if the taste is too bad, the dog will have a series of reactions. After smell the 
taste, it will have a few seconds to a response. If this taste makes it hard to bear, it will 
directly faint; if not so serious, the dog will send out sounds to warn you this taste may let 
others cause unpleasant experience.
It is understood that this Terrier named Hana-chan will go on sale from next year, priced at 
100 thousand yen (about $890). The truth is that the price is not cheap, small series that is 
not what the necessities of life, it seems that is not bad money people can use things. But 
the appearance and identification of this puppy Meng Meng Da method looks really is very