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Seconds change, Superman Eidos mask allows you to have super human vision and hearing ability

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-22
Can you imagine a man in your brain like speech. As long as the Eidos mask in hand, you will 
instantly have a super human hearing and vision. Two pairs of Eidos mask respectively according 
to the human auditory and visual design, users can not match the natural sensory perception of 
the external environment.

Eidos mask
It is reported that Eidos mask the use of 3D printing technology, made of nylon fabric. "Eidos 
auditory mask" according to face lower shape design, covering from the nose, jaw, jaw to ears, 
the ear is arranged in front of the microphone headset, the mask. The supporting software 
ensures that when using them in a noisy environment, a large number of words is interwoven in 
when just moving the body, for the conversation, the system program will automatically filter the 
background noise, keep the target sound and the incoming receiver. In addition, the mask is 
also equipped with third handsets, located in the mouth height. Acoustic microphone third can 
promote the transfer into the mouth at the same time, through the vibration in jaw bone 
conduction mode at the inner ear. Because of this, users will have a "like others in his brain in 
speech" feeling.
A mask for the eye, known as the "Eidos visual mask". It was opaque, built-in dual screen, 
located in front of the forehead. His eyes are embedded in the camera, can be taken of the 
current scene, and the video stream real-time input software. Software program will record the 
scene and the action immediately divided into different stages. And through the slow exposure 
to create a dynamic picture visual effect, which will eventually appear in the wearer eyes. The 
shooting characters always on the move, so it will appear behind with long traces to overprint, to 
show the whole moving process.

Eidos mask user sees scene
According to the mask is one of the designers of TimBouckley, an external computer two masks 
are needed to connect installed software. "Eidos visual mask" just a iPhone can use mobile, 
but "Eidos auditory mask" must be equipped with a laptop computer.
It is reported that, so far, Eidos masks are still in the experimental stage and not immediately 
popular. The designer said the mask bold futuristic design is to highlight its unique nature. If for 
sales, its shape will be more compact and simple.