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There is no solution to the problem of global warming. Scientists have prepared two big killers

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-09-21
The summer has passed, a lot of people for the summer temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius in 
the deep impression, in our memory, when there is little temperature over 40 degrees, and now 
seems to have become a thing happens every year. All of this can be attributed to global 
warming, if this continues, the future will be many of the city's summer temperatures reached 45 
degrees Celsius? Theoretically do such terrible things, but according to the current global every 
140 years increase of 0.8 degrees Celsius in the situation, it takes hundreds of years, in addition 
to the national emission reduction efforts in energy conservation and above, scientists also think 
of ways. 
Recently, < Science > published an article about global warming, which mentions a few to cool 
the earth. They put forward some bold ideas to alleviate the current situation, the plan called 
"earth drop Temperature program"!

An umbrella to the earth
We all know that global warming caused by the chain reaction is mostly due to rising
temperatures caused by the carbon dioxide is well protected by the heat loss. Therefore, if we 
can't solve the problem of carbon dioxide emissions, so we can start directly from the 
temperature, to the earth with a sunshade and perhaps in a glimmer of hope. The earth's current 
situation, need to block the sun to reach the earth 4% energy to solve the current predicament. 
The German rocket scientists assume a area of 2600 square kilometres of the giant umbrella 
launched into space, the umbrella is made of very thin metal and plastic mix of special films, 
have many regulatory elements on the surface of the umbrella they can control the light into 
the sun, the earth's angle and size, more than 1/3 of the Shanghai area of 2600 square 
kilometers, really want to create such a huge umbrella I'm afraid Only the implementation will 
by default!

Making the clouds from the sun
If you feel to the earth with an umbrella is too much trouble, so we can create a cloud to cool 
the earth, the German scientist Bauer Crew was on the ozone hole and human activities and 
won the Nobel prize in 1995, he argues that the clouds to block out the sun to cool the earth 
is very reasonable, he said the release of sulfur compounds in the troposphere of the huge 
amount of powder on top of this compound is harmless to human and livestock. But condemned 
the voice roaring, many people think that he is not stupid? Even if the clouds are produced, the 
global temperature is reduced, melting glaciers is slowing down, what about the earth the 
atmospheric environment? The rob Peter to pay Paul approach is clearly unreasonable, but if 
we can find a reasonable alternative to human and livestock, and our environment are free And 
then maybe you can try!
Either way, the high cost and potential threats are human beings cannot bear, some countries 
have begun to poguanziposhuai, want to live in the moment, let the children to plan out for us, 
but the best and the only way is each country together hand.