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The scientists found that also did not digest 200 million years ago in a small fish belly squid

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-10-09
According to foreign media reports, a small sea animal called ichthyosaurs in early Jurassic 
devoured prehistoric squid, and then suddenly it died - because it's stomach is filled with 
undigested squid. In 200 million years, paleontologist Dean Lomax of the ichthyosaur fossils 
were studied. Finally, he found is not completely digested in the intestines of squid ichthyosaurs.

Lomax and another paleontologist, Nigel Larkin, published articles related to the discovery in 
the Journal .
It is understood that the fossil is something of a mystery, it does not have any of its origins, 
buried depth and the time of death. But the fish by observing the stone inside the small fossils 
and fossil bones, they infer that Lomax should come from the early Jurassic period.

In addition, they also through the study of fossils analysis that the ichthyosaurs are minors: first 
of all, it seems not bone formation, which means that it has not yet fully developed; secondly, its 
circular eye is bigger than its orbital bone, it may also mean that the little guy had not grown up.