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What is a combination of a neutron star? Gold weighing 300 earth in time

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  • Release on:2017-10-18
Is located in the Purple Mountain Observatory scene at the press conference, which took place in 
Nanjing City on 16 October, the Purple Mountain Observatory staff, 18 August 2017 Antarctic 
observation telescope AST 3-2 Demo observation observation window detection of light waves. 
Figures from Xinhua News
Original title: neutron scraper and what is it? Requested to the 300 gold on Earth
Beijing time on October 16, 22, the Observatory was global scraper. Severe warning "to seduce 
the reader appetite and have not found the presence of foreigners," double neutron star, and 
gravitational waves detection and its optical counterpart. What is a neutron star? What is the 
gravitational wave? what the enemy is optical? the most important thing is what you need to do 
in everyday life.

You'll need to close and contact our daily lives-this means that scientists confirm neutron star 
are the origin of the universe, than the heavy elements, such as we are familiar with the gold. 
In a Word, neutron star and universe are refining furnaces, big money!
In the universe of money where?
Scientists have long failed to determine where are gold, Platinum, uranium and other heavy 
The early universe is hydrogen, helium and hydrogen, the star of Doom from here. In the 
subsequent process of stellar evolution of heavy elements in the fusion reaction can produce a 
greater number of protons. However, cosmic natural fusion contains only 26 protons in the most 
important parts of the iron. This is because of fusion energy iron reached its peak, and it cannot 
meet the protons and neutrons, this perseverance "internal Alchemy of the furnace, which 
requires high energy.
Scientists once thought that a supernova at the end of the life of the stars was enough to provide 
this energy. However, this hypothesis gradually broke down by subsequent discoveries.
The universe must higher and higher oven temperature
Over the past few years, scholars began to understand that the neutron Hoshiai body is the most 
convincing mechanism.
What is the density of the neutron star? with a weight of 1 teaspoon of 10 tonnes
The stars are moving at the end of his life, by the gravitational pull of the dissolution of the 
supernova, according to various quality kernels may be compressed into a white dwarf, neutron 
star or black hole. Neutron is composed almost entirely of neutrons, and is currently the smallest 
known, compact star. Neutrons and protons are atomic particles. It is electrically neutral, which 
is slightly larger than the proton.
A neutron star is having a radius of 10 kilometers, and the weight has two or more sun. 
Teaspoons of the substance a neutron star weighs 10 tonnes
In 1933 the neutrons were discovered by people. The following year, American physicist Walter 
Bud (Walter Varde) and Fritz Tswickieswicky (Fritz) advanced the hypothesis a neutron
In 1967, a 24-year-old woman with a Cambridge University student Joss Bell (Bell) found a 
regular pulse signal from the radio telescope. Later, this new class of objects called Pulsar, in 
fact, they are essentially rotating neutron stars that emit electromagnetic waves in a period of 
rapidly rotating.
Chinese "eyes" radio telescope in Guizhou province recently captured the pulse signal, marking 
the China Club sightings pulsar successfully.
The two neutron are system double neutron star, which rotates around the Center. They continue 
to release the gravitational waves in the process of revolution, cause the system to reduce 
energy, reduce and eventually recyzyjnie time and time. Scientists are uncertain, and the form is 
probably a black hole.
and gold and Silver: Flash, something that disappears from the splash
Elements of iron were born at this time. During the coalescence of two neutron stars, some 
portions of the neutron star were consistently generated mainly neutrons and protons couple
If a collision occurs within one second, portions of the neutron star will spread to dozens of 
kilometers away, forming a group with the solar density cloud. In this furnace of neutrons and 
protons are caught each other, and a large number of neutrons make up the rich. Decay of 
unstable neutrons to protons easily, mold, gold etc heavy elements.
It is estimated that neutron star collisions can create 300 metres of gold so heavy as the Earth. 
"Fireworks", as the whole earth, throws a large universe, about 4.6 billion years ago. They have 
established a flexible, that will be a human hand elements gem gold.
This is important evidence for the formation of heavy elements by neutron star, this means that 
the combined point color is changed from blue to red, which is consistent with the predictions of 
the theoretical model
"Space Fireworks" persistent
This increasingly red spot comes with an optical equivalent: Macronova Li-Paczynski (Already 
This phenomenon was first named by the Chinese astronomer, who was predicted in 1998, 
Professor Lee Lixin Peking University and his associate of late, Bodhan Paczynski
In 2010 year, Metzger and simultaneous scientist at Princeton University found that the brightness 
of this phenomenon is about 1000 times the new star, known as the "new Star".
In addition to visible light and infrared radiation, neutron star and accretion disk appear to be 
founded in the rotational axis, which is a gamma signal with short blast and gravitational waves, 
reaching to the ground, after two seconds are complied with. Over the next few weeks will be to 
send other bands of light, including ultraviolet, infrared, visible, x-rays and radio waves, "Cosmic 
Fireworks" is a long afterglow.
Back to the beginning of the event, what is the role of gravitational wave plays in "Cosmic 
Fireworks" Alchemy?
Originally the visible light, as described above, infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays, 
electromagnetic waves, light signal with the orientation of the photon. For a long time most 
scientists used to perceive the universe as simply a window.
Gravitational waves are caused by disruption of temporary quality by people described as 
"waves of time and space". When we imagine a massive object falls into the water, produces a 
range of propagation of vibrations. How our universe is quiet, water quality impairment induces 
gravitational waves and spreads. neutron stars and events can produce strong gravitational 
waves.Gravitational waves is important reasoning Einstein's theory of general relativity, however, 
due to gravitational waves of cosmic Earth is too weak, I can't think of a way in which Einstein 
detects. " 
Spacetime wrinkles in the end have been achieved by the team of LIGO in 2015.
LIGO last four gravitational waves detected in the trigger. Black holes can be described as a black 
hole, absorbing light and "never heard of". This time, the gravitational wave signal is much less 
property than LIGO-neutron star trigger on the identification of the mass of the black hole, in the 
world, more than 70 telescopes are directed to the 130 million light-years beyond the galaxy NGC 
4993, watch the fireworks.
Then human perception of huge universe adds the kind of cross-validation with mere "view". 
Scientists call this the "age of astronomy Multi messenger"
It may be more important than the origin of the discovery of gold