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China has made important contributions to the discovery of gravitational waves colliding by two neut

  • Author:chinatopwin
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  • Release on:2017-10-17
Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October 16, (reporter Lin Xiaochun Wang Juebin Peng Qian) 16, 
synchronous global multinational scientists held a press conference, announced that one of the 
first direct detection of gravitational waves from double neutron star merger, and at the same 
time to "see" the electromagnetic signal of this spectacular cosmic events are given.
This image provided by the California Institute of Technology and the University of Oxford 
pictures show the radio observation images of two neutron stars with GW170817. The Xinhua 
News Agency

EST 8:41 on August 17th (Beijing time 20:41), the laser interferometer gravitational wave 
observatory (LIGO) to capture the gravitational wave signal. After 2 seconds, the Fermi space 
telescope observations of gamma ray from the same source of violence.
This is the first time in history, the use of gravitational wave observatory and electromagnetic 
wave telescope observed simultaneously in the same astrophysical events, marked with a 
variety of observation methods for the characteristics of the multi messenger astronomy entered 
a new era.
"For decades, we have been ready to diligently strive after the detection of gravitational waves 
with double neutron star," the California Institute of Technology LIGO data analysis team leader 
Professor Alan Weinstein said, "that morning, all our dreams come true"
The LIGO project team released this major discovery in Washington. Chinese, Germany, Britain 
and France and other countries have their own scientists held a press conference. Related 
papers published in the science magazine Nature < > and so on academic journals.
The gravitational wave is composed of a black hole, the space-time ripples produce neutron 
stars collide, like a stone thrown into the water ripple generated. One hundred years ago, 
Einstein's general relativity predicted the existence of gravitational waves, but it was not until 
2015 that man first detection of gravitational waves, 3 American scientists for this won this 
year's Nobel prize for physics.
In the event of August 17th, about 70 of the global ground and space telescope from infrared, 
ultraviolet ray X, and radio band to carry out observation, confirm the gravitational wave signal 
from about 130 million light-years from earth in the constellation Hydra Galaxy NGC4993.
American professor of physics at the University of Tennessee, celestial Michael Guidry told 
Xinhua News Agency reporters, combined with multi messenger astronomy using a variety of 
detection means, is a "Holy Grail" gravitational wave astronomy ", this exploration will open a 
whole new way to explore in many fields of astronomy and Astrophysics"

Zijin Mountain Observatory China deputy researcher Jin Zhiping to participate in the 
international team, through observation and spectral analysis of the gravitational wave optical 
signal, provide the first conclusive evidence that neutron star merger is the main origin of gold 
and other elements in the universe. The gold based said: "this is the universe of" giant gold 
factory ""
Science: the gravitational wave and the universe "on the basis of one-sided viewpoint"
Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October 16 (reporter Huang Kunlin spring) on the latest discovery 
of gravitational waves with double neutron star has attracted much attention. Many scientists 
say, which marks the "multi messenger astronomy" entered a new era. That is what multi 
messenger astronomy? For example, this is the universe "on the basis of one-sided viewpoint".
"We often say" astronomy research is on the basis of one-sided viewpoint ', because the 
universe is too large, it is too difficult to understand, a method often can only understand one 
aspect of the information, "director Zheng Yongchun researcher at the National Astronomical 
Observatory of China Academy of Science Communication Center said," the gravitational wave 
provides an entirely different observation modes. That means, multi messenger astronomy 
entered a new era "
Which two neutron stars will produce a violent explosion, this event will bring heavy elements 
spilled into space. Photograph: ESO/L. Cal C ada/M. Kornmesser
From the naked eye alone looking up at the stars, the first to the Galileo telescope on to the sky,
the only human had observed the way the universe is light. But this observation is not only 
affected by weather conditions, the information obtained by the visible carrier restrictions.
With the development of science, people gradually realize that in the visible light, X rays also 
exist in the universe, such as radio waves, electromagnetic wave cannot see. By detecting 
them, others can touch the universe this "elephant". For example, the gravity of the black hole 
that light cannot escape, people can not see the black hole however, it will release the X ray 
strong, allowed astronomers to analysis some properties of the black hole.
"X ray, visible light, radio waves are electromagnetic waves, but different wavelengths, it 
gradually developed into" full band astronomy ", is to use a variety of bands with an astronomical 
phenomenon, can be recognized more objectively and more profound," said Zheng Yongchun, 
"or" on the basis of one-sided viewpoint ", for example by different ways to touch more, the 
universe 'shape' can be gradually emerged"
Discovery of gravitational waves, and provides a new way of "elephant". Gravitational wave is 
a physical phenomenon and the nature of electromagnetic wave, although a hundred years ago, 
Einstein's theory of general relativity predicted the existence of gravitational waves, but the signal 
is very weak, until 2015 by the United States "Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave 
observatory" (LIGO) the first time to detect gravitational wave signals generated by the double 
black hole merger.

The internal structure of neutron stars imagined by scientists. Photograph: Wikipedia
The LIGO team announced the discovery of gravitational waves, from about 130 million 
light-years from earth, the double neutron star merger. And only merging black holes produce 
gravitational waves is different, in addition to neutron star mergers produce gravitational waves, 
also issued a lot of electromagnetic waves. For this incident, about 70 of the global ground and 
space telescope from the infrared, ultraviolet ray X, and radio bands were observed. This is the 
first time in history, the human also detected from the same astronomical events, gravitational 
waves and electromagnetic waves.
This is to let astronomers feel excited about "multi messenger astronomy". Gravitational wave and 
electromagnetic wave as different "messenger", can tell us the same astronomical events in 
different aspects of information. The American professor of physics at the University of 
Tennessee, celestial Michael Guidry said, "multi messenger astronomy" astronomers have long 
sought "Holy Grail", will to the related future have a huge impact.
From the eye to the telescope from the stars, full band astronomy "to" multi messenger 
astronomy ", human understanding of the universe means gradually, the head is still a lot of the 
mystery of the universe" elephant ", will eventually show its true face to mankind.