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Why are mosquitoes never killed by rain? God skills?

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-10-16 09:43:27
Have you ever seriously thought about this question: why can't raindrops kill mosquitoes?
If not, think about it now.

The density of water is very large, the mass of raindrops is 50 times that of mosquitoes, and with 
the acceleration of falling, a drop of rain water falls into the mosquito body, which is equivalent to 
the feeling of a medium-sized bus hitting you at full speed
Worst of all, if it's a heavy rain, it means that an outdoor mosquito will hit it every 25 seconds.
Every 25 seconds, the bus hit once, you can imagine ah, a rain is a disaster movie
In the eyes of mosquitoes, the "drizzle" in our mouth, no less than a beetle from the sky!
But in fact, these brave little elves, the rain not only hide, also willing to play happily in the rain 
(was) a (HIT), and no care cold freezing rain in the face of random shot.
Why? Focus now!

Professor Hu Lide of the Georgia Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Centers for 
Disease Control and prevention, carried out high-speed video cameras of mosquitoes flying in 
the rain in order to observe the behavior of mosquitoes when they were hit by raindrops.
When raindrops hit them, they rarely hit the center of the red heart, and they hit their six legs.

This time they will be knocked up in the air, but with their superb flying skills, the mosquito will 
tilt to the side hit, and by up to 50 degrees of difficulty "side tumbling action", let the rain fall from 
the side, one percent seconds to restore the balance.

But the weather is unpredictable, mosquitoes have something good, there are also some 
hapless will die die by raindrops directly hit the center of the body, like this:

Fortunately, the mosquito is too light and too light, and the raindrop can't make a collision force 
on it, but it wraps it directly and falls down.
The mosquito at this time, like we were on a roller coaster, was broken inside.

Although not killed, but if followed by raindrops falling on the ground, and tied with stones jumping 
from the building, there are no two
Luckily they are covered with waterproof wool, as long as a few simple yoga stretching legs, they 
can get very gracefully from the rain out.
When the rain falls to the ground, they would fly to somewhere else jumping around.
Because it is too light, but at the scene of the accident like the rain -- mosquitoes were happy to 
play as early as ninety million years ago to Killing with Kindness.

It's a serious scientific research, and scientist Hu Lide won the pineapple Science Award in 2016.
So, what's the use of studying mosquitoes that can't be hit by raindrops?
Research and Simulation of these special skills to deal with animal nature, can provide a new 
thought for our scientists and engineers, such as mechanical technology to solve many problems, 
how to better design of MAV, so that they can like the mosquitoes, lightly flying in the rain.