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SKYARTEC ButterflyS 3-Axis Compass RTF REH09MC02-1SKYARTEC ButterflyS 3-Axis Compass RTF REH09MC02-1SKYARTEC ButterflyS 3-Axis Compass RTF REH09MC02-1SKYARTEC ButterflyS 3-Axis Compass RTF REH09MC02-1SKYARTEC ButterflyS 3-Axis Compass RTF REH09MC02-1

SKYARTEC ButterflyS 3-Axis Compass RTF REH09MC02-1

  • Name:MC02 SKYARTEC Butterfly 3-axis RTF
  • Product size:26.7×26.7×10cm
  • Color box size:28.5×28.5×23cm
  • Carton size:58×58×24.5cm
  • Color box version 4 pcs/ctn 10kg/ctn
  • size;59×59×25cm
SKYARTEC ButterflyS 3-Axis Compass RTF REH09MC02-1


Compass Function:open compass function, 4ch(center the direction channel), butterflys at ground level, the flight attitude will come back to the attitude direction when power on the batterys. 
-  Supported 7.4V or 11.1V lipo-battery.  
- No additional welding
- Adopts excellent quality components, stable and superior performance. Use 32 bit singlechip
- Integration of all components, adopts three-axis acceleration sensor and three-axis angular rate sensor
  (6 axis gyro)
- Easy to use and debug, applies to multifarious multi-rotor models
- 3 axia Gyro sensitivity and set the main function can be adjusted by the position adjuster
- Support for multi-axis X type
- Output ports have up to six groups, can drive ESC or servo.
- Standard PWM signal output, support conventional PWM ESC (Suggest using SKYARTEC series high-speed ESC) and all kinds of servo (digital or analog)
- The receiver can be directly connected to the flight control board, without a special decoder, or alter
- The existing version can achieve stable hover and excellent handling (depends on a reasonable mix,
  commissioning and operational experience), the mode of operation is similar to the rc helicopter, but easier to adapt
- Can complete some incredible stunt flying skills, also can stable battery life, to meet small scope aerial
  photo to replace the complicated and expensive rc helicopter
- Support firmware upgrade (need to buy programming), and unceasing improving performance
- Self-stabilizing system, support fixed-point hovering
- Can quickly eliminate the inertia caused by flight, fast and stable.

Compass calibration

Please calibration the compass before the first flight or change a quite far from the original place.

Please note: precision is plus or minus 10 degree, precision deviation is big, the compass need to adjust. 

1. put the butterflyS on horizontal position, lock the motor.

2. Keep touching the button on the receiver until the light flash,then release the button.

3. Rotate the butterflyS 360 degree according to forward/ backward,left/right and horizontal level orientation, and all of the rotates are finish within 30 seconds, until the receiver is not flash, the butterflyS can fly.



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