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There will be heavy rain at the typhoon "MiaoBai" in shenzhen, guangdong province

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-06-13
China's weather webex This year's no. 2 "MiaoBai" typhoon center has today (12) before and 
after 23 when landed in guangdong province shenzhen dapeng peninsula, guangdong will 
open the storm patterns. Around noon tomorrow morning, it will enter jiangxi territory and join 
the western wind belt system and enter fujian province. On December 14-14, guangdong,
fujian, jiangxi and other places will be in intensive rainfall concentration period, and the public 
will need to strengthen prevention of the secondary disasters such as flash floods and 
mudslides.Typhoon hmong has arrived in dongguan, guangdong province, guangdong, 
guangdong province, etc

This year, the central meteorological center, no. 2 "MiaoBai" at the center of typhoon has been 
23 today when landed in guangdong province shenzhen dapeng peninsula, before and after 
the landing levels by strong tropical storm weakened to a tropical storm, near central 
maximum wind has 9 (23 m/s), center for the lowest pressure 99000 mpa.
Will be affected by the typhoon MiaoBai guangdong area open storm patterns, shenzhen,
 Hong Kong, dongguan, huizhou, meizhou, shantou and other places to 14th morning today 
night will successively appeared to heavy rain, some cities and counties will also encounter 
heavy rain, heavy rain near the center of gravity will be focused on the sites. In addition to the
 heavy rainfall, the northern south China sea, the eastern coastal guangdong and the pearl 
river mouth area will have 7 to 8 class gale, after the typhoon center nearby waters or areas 
as well as the wind can be up to 9-10 level of pearl river mouth area, wind up to level 11-13.
The park on the afternoon of the 12th afternoon closed the park. (source: shenzhen news 
Guangdong office yesterday afternoon, according to CCTV news has launched typhoon Ⅲ
 level emergency response, requested the ships of the sea east of yangjiang all called back 
to harbour, fish raft workers all ashore from the waves. Guangdong southern power grid 
at the same time, companies also started storm flood prevention Ⅲ magnitude response, 
may need to rescue materials ready in advance, in case of power grid is damaged, will
 work in a timely manner to carry out the repair reply message. In addition, shanwei, 
guangdong province, shenzhen has issued closed information, Hong Kong, Hong Kong 
schools, some flights canceled, ngong ping cable car, super singing xiangjiang tourist 
hotspot project also stop operation, etc.
Weather experts remind that tends to decrease when the typhoon center through wind 
or rest for a period of time, suddenly remember that strong winds will be blowing, 
should continue to stay in the safe place to shelter, dangerous house staff transfer in 

The central meteorological station predicts that the typhoon will enter the jiangxi territory 
around noon on the 13th day after the typhoon landings and join the western wind belt
 system and enter fujian province. 12-14, fujian, guangdong, jiangxi and other places 
will be into the heavy rainfall concentrated period, need to alert to continuous heavy rains 
caused flooding and the influence of the secondary disasters such as flash floods, 
landslides and debris flows.
The first typhoon to land this year was around half a month earlier
Perennial in China at the beginning of the average date will be on June 27, the typhoon 
landing in China this year of early, early typhoon landing in China since 2000 at the 
beginning of the earliest typhoon for 2008 "raccoon" (landing hainan wenchang on April 
18th), log in at the beginning of the night the typhoon in China for the 2003 "ibrahimovic 
is landing on 24 July (guangdong)," MiaoBai "landing time early this year about half a 
month, is the fourth since 2000 landed early at the beginning of the typhoon.
The first typhoon to land in China every year is the favorite in guangdong
Emperor China weather network data according to the statistical data from 1949 to 
2014 typhoon found that 29 of 66 years (equivalent to a 43.9% probability), early 
stage chose guangdong, followed by Taiwan and hainan.