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Apple tencent loves to kill checks and balances: it doesn't want to be too stiff

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-06-12
"Apple tencent a choice -" the dilemma of the recent be keen to discuss the topic of public opinion
, exchanges and cooperation, slay "in love" apple and tencent also don't want to actually ploughs.
 Although apple stores "ban hot update", also blocked the WeChat exceptional, but in the 
just-concluded WWDC, both in the security, games, cloud and other fields announced 
cooperation, intersection quite a lot of apple tencent in the competition to find the means of 
checks and balances.
Apple recently opened to domestic has exceptional functions at a rate of 30% of the application 
of "tolls", the Chinese prickly ash, zhihu, bettas are the platform of the roll with the punches, the 
move also drew a hammer CEO Mr Luo, "exceptional is the present of users to contribute 
content, not official App to sell things to make money", he thinks apple is indiscriminate. We
Chat was even more decisive, putting the iPhone WeChat into a straight line.
Besides "tolls", apple has also sent an email to the developers, they must be submitted before 
June 12 new App for review, and must be prohibited within the App data download updates, or 
be in the apple store shelves. There are many apps, especially games, including the most 
popular glory of Kings.
The reason for apple's sales is that it is clear that apple's hegemony and its own rules are not 
biased, nor are they directed at tencent. However, according to IDC China quarterly phone 
tracking, according to a report in 2016 iphone shipments in China is about 44.9 million, fell 
23.2% year on year, the market share of 9.6%, ranking fourth. Interestingly, even if sales fall,
 the biggest market for apple's app store in 2016 is China, which also has more revenue than
 the U.S. market. That's the equivalent of the rent and management, even if the house isn't 
worth much.
Mobile phone sales are only part of the market power, market research firm Stratechery founder 
Thompson believes that in the Chinese market, the importance of both android and iOS 
operating system it doesn't matter, because of the development of tencent instant messaging 
software - WeChat is the key.
Currently WeChat users to nearly 1 billion in the whole world, is not just a communication tool,
 WeChat as super App, almost is gradually formed a mini operating system, provides include 
chat, games, transfer, payment, order, travel, watch the news, more important is the 
experience of We Chat small programs are getting better and better, the user does not need to 
download the use 
namely, user dependence on operating system at the same time.
Can't say because WeChat gradually formed the "monopoly", as an operating system and 
application platform of the apple itself is behind the App WeChat and tencent as "eyesore". On 
the WWDC apple active embrace tencent, for the Chinese market, announced the iOS 11 
embedded tencent and other third-party security manufacturer is part of the system function 
together, also announced the iPhone support directly to sweep WeChat qr code add buddy, 
also cooperate with tencent game "monument valley 2", 11 file management Files App has 
access to the iOS tencent micro cloud... Rumours of the next WeChat will be limited to
rumours.In fact, there is no real "kill" between the giants, and there is no benefit in this wa
 of violence. Apple's rules, terms, to a certain extent, affected the tencent product track, but 
shut the door completely equivalent to the officialdom, mobile phone, after all, is the 
application of high frequency carrier, many Chinese users to use the application of high
 frequency if cannot use apple mobile phone use, look from the sticky degree, abandon the
 possibility of using a mobile phone users. In other words, in the game, you can find "little
 trouble", but you can't do it."If WeChat was pulled from the shelves, whether to give up the
 use of apple" of a heated discussion all users a view of spontaneous stew, tencent public 
relations director zhang also responded on personal weibo's relationship with apple: "
all right, please care."

For apple with tencent, the two giants of business all over the world, learn from each other
 in the play, in the case of interests converge nature can also wipe out cooperation "spark".
Apple announced in this year's WWDC, combining called iMessage -- and Pay Apple, users can 
directly on the iphone in the form of information transfer, combines social networking with Pay 
quite WeChat shadow.
Tencent could not give up the apple operating system and the application store's soil, and apple 
could not give up the opportunity to work with tencent in the convenience of the Chinese market. 
Aslong as your own interests are not offended by the other party, you can't overdo it.