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Tom's perfect return! He is the hero of the warriors, and it is exciting to attack and defend!

chinatopwin chinatopwin 2017-06-09 10:52:46
Third war began, and finally the finals for and cavaliers, this game can be said to be the 
battle of life and death in the series, remember the finals last season, is the golden state
 warriors in the first two wars continuous complete victory on the cavaliers, during the third 
war, however, they have completed the suicide of a defeat, and the match finally came to 
this highly anticipated third war, the warriors will have such a collapse in the general 
performance? Can the cavaliers continue the magic of the last season and turn on their 
miraculous turnaround? We'll see!

Game, we all can see James personal efforts, the first quarter, helped James constantly in 
outside hitting, constantly breakthroughs to inside causing destruction, the warriors' defense 
has caused very big trouble. And the opening of the first quarter, the cavaliers have a very 
good trend, that is in the game in addition to James, and other players will be able to stand 
up to complete, that is the JR Smith has long been criticized, as the cavaliers out a very 
important link, JR. 's performance in the NBA finals many difficult to satisfied, in the opening, 
he hit two consecutive 3-pointers, help lebron James and the cavaliers in the opening has 
certain advantages.

But for James, the situation didn't last long, in the first half, besides the three points, he did 
not bring more help to James, but Owen constantly use the fairy ball to help the cavaliers 
renew life, half-court at the end of the individual's very wonderful. Reason, the cavaliers 
have a near perfect, but they are still at a disadvantage in the first half, it is proved that the 
warriors in the first half of the play how terror!

In the first half of the game, the warriors scored 12 3-pointers, including 14 from curry's 3-pointers. Kevin durant, making six of nine shots, 2, 3 three-point shots with 16 points, five of seven three-point shots, Thompson scored 21 points, this is what they have great advantage in the first half. Warriors, so to speak is an arrow in the game to wear heart, constantly hit some unreasonable 3-pointers, often in the cavaliers will score expansion close to 1 or 2 points, the warriors can always finish 3-point response, this is their most horrible place!

The game in the first half, Thompson hit five 3-pointers, he constantly give warriors life, constantly to return the cavaliers with score, even though the game in the second half of his perimeter there is no magic in the first half, but he constantly points in the paint, and do our best in the fast break, these are all warriors has been able to standoff with the cavaliers important reason! Arguably this is what the warriors need, and cole's return to the warriors! Who would dare say that he didn't work?