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Election 2017 poll tracker-How the parties compare

  • Author:Cina
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-06-14
Election 2017 poll tracker-How the parties compare

Latest updates from senior elections and political analyst Peter Barnes 31 May update: 
How close is the gap now?
   After their striking seat projection published last night  YouGov has a new poll this 
evening which has the narrowest gap between the main two parties so far during  the 
campaign. It has the Conservatives on 42% and Labour on 39% - their highest rating 
in any poll since 2014.
It's not all good news for Labour though. Kantar Public also published a poll on 
Wednesday with a slightly increased Conservative lead compared to their previous 
poll. They now have the Conservatives on 43% and Labour on 33%. Its not the only 
company which still shows a large gap. In fact, it's more than 10% according to 
ICM and ComRes.
The main reason for this disparity is the different ways that the pollsters estimate 
Polling companies are sometimes accused of "herding" - manipulating their figures 
so they all say the same thing. Nobody could accuse them of that at this election. 
If anything, the differences have become more stark as we approach election day.
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There was also a rare Scottish poll published on Wednesday afternoon. The SNP,
 on 43%, maintained the commanding lead that they've had throughout the
 campaign and for a long time before that. More interesting was that Labour 
and the Conservatives were on level pegging at 25%. That's the first time this 
year that the Conservatives haven't been in a clear second place.
As with the other nations, though, it's hard to draw conclusions when there 
have been so few polls.