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The young man boarded the CCTV and recalled the " back - to - water war " ten years ago

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-12-20
Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Ying) September 24th news view, the Beidou satellite 
navigation system designer Yang Changfeng boarded the CCTV Lecture you < >, and the 
secret he Beidou for ten years.

View news reporter noted that in April of last year, he has been appointed Central Military 
Equipment Development Department is corps major general. His wife, children are engaged in 
technology research, due to the special nature of the work, never talk about work at home on the 
(Yang Changfeng)
The Beidou star clock is only a second of three million years
Yang Changfeng revealed in his speech, the Beidou navigation employees reached more than 80 
thousand, more than 300 research units, and the application of Beidou us nearer, it becomes 
more and more popular. "The Department of transportation to use our compass, forming a 
supervision system of vehicles, transport vehicles, dangerous goods on some long-distance bus, 
tourist bus, real-time monitoring. Now with the original compared to the same period, the accident
rate and the casualty rate has dropped by fifty percent"

In the initial stage of the development of the Beidou No. two, intends to introduce the core 
components of the atomic clock from Europe, but in the last time to sign the agreement, the 
European company suddenly terminated the cooperation. In this case, the Beidou determined 
their own development, set up three teams, while the final research, through more than two years 
of time, success development of the space atomic clock.

What is more amazing is that the precision of the star clock is one hundred thousand years from 
a second, and we are now in three million years' precision.