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A mysterious , large circular object that has been found on the sea for a period of 14 million years

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-12-21
The explorers found the "huge mysterious circular object" of the 140 thousand year history at the 
bottom of the sea!
In the northern part of Europe, between the Sweden and Finland, the deep 300 feet of the Baltic 
Sea, the Explorer discovered a giant mystery in 2011, named it "the Baltic Sea alien".

Peter, a Swedish explorer who discovered the alien form, said, "I was once the biggest skeptic. 
I always thought that only stones could be found." (finding the Baltic Sea anomaly) is a wonderful 
experience for me. "Lindberg,"
The discovery of Lindberg and his team has made people begin to recognize the "Baltic Sea".
From the collected samples, scientists believe that the Baltic anomaly should be 14 years old. 
After tests, it turned out to be a metal, and it is "natural metals that cannot be duplicated."

What makes it even more amazing is that all electronic devices fail as soon as they are near the 
Baltic Sea, leaving a distance to get back to normal immediately.
During the first submergence exploration, the marine X team found that a black hole in the Baltic 
Sea profile has a step to enter the heteromorphic interior, but no one has found the open door.

The research team speculated that perhaps the next step was a door that had been closed by 
a mysterious ancient spaceship, perhaps a mysterious entrance to ancient buildings.

But where does the brake mark at the bottom of the shape come from? What does it mean? No 
reasonable speculations are available at the moment.
The Baltic Sea is still a huge mystery.