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The iPhone 8 or September 17 will be released on September 25

  • Author:91门户
  • Source:91门户
  • Release on:2017-05-26
With the release of the new iPhone three new models, it's a big concern when apple releases these models. Now, fairly active on the Internet recently revealed people @ Benjamin Geskin disclosed in the latest news that iPhone 8 and 7 s iPhone series will be released on September 17th, then officially on sale in September 25. Among them, the iPhone 8 will adopt a new design and an OLED screen that supports wireless charging and 3D facial scanning, with a 10nm A11 processor and a support augmented reality (AR) feature. The iPhone 8 completely unlocks the fingerprint and USES a structured light-3d scanning technique. The iPhone 8 starts at $870 and is lower than expected On September 17.

Despite the iPhone in the autumn come on stage there is no suspense, but exactly when to release, and rumors have been delayed production of iPhone 8 synchronous launch, but no more definite news. Now, according to a new release on twitter, @benjamin Geskin, a foreign whistleblower, said the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7s will be released on September 17 and then officially open on September 25.

The source, however, also said it was not certain that the information was accurate. But if the rumors eventually come true, it means the iPhone 8 will not be delayed, and will be paired with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus in mid-september.
The iphone 8: key virtualization + full screen package, the appearance level of the Chinese people's favorite

The iPhone 8 will be more of a concern than an iteration of the iPhone 7s. For this fact one @ Benjamin Geskin according to their mastery of the information, also gives the iPhone has eight main features, including the brand-new design, equipped with OLED screen, comprehensive support wireless charging function and a 3 d face scanning technology. It also has a 10nm processor, a pre-installed iOS 11 system and an augmented reality (AR) feature.
As for everyone concerned about the iPhone unlock 8 fingerprint problem, now the news is apple will completely cancel the fingerprint recognition, instead, the previously mentioned 3 d scanning technology, but said nothing to do with the iris recognition. So many netizens 8 structure design according to the exposure of the iPhone speculate that apple could USES front double lens + infrared biometric sensors of the structured light 3 d scanning technology to realize face recognition function.

Launch time or delay
Not only that, but the source said the iPhone 8, which has a 3D scanning technology, could unlock a second in all black space. Now, however, is not this that apple to cancel the function of fingerprint identification, after all, a variety of signs that apple seems many prototype test, and eventually adopt what kind of solution, perhaps to about in June will be relatively accurate.