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Five world champions have been hit by a sling in a hilarious joke

chinatopwin chinatopwin. 2017-05-27 09:15:07
Beijing time on May 26, in the afternoon, one zero team competition, the more, the Mi yu, Tang Wei star, Chen Yaoye and Zhou Rui sheep five world champion will force against AlphaGo, after the end of the game, five world champion a nice smile, was defeated by the afar dog in laughter.

Participants are all members of China after the 90 world champion (Chen Yaoye in 89, also calculate the same generation), are international team-mate, chess, the game together very often, so are familiar with each other.

It's a pity that division of labor is not clear because of five people in the game, the decision-making mechanism is not sound, appeared in the opening game error, loss, while chasing behind, but the advantage of the situation safe operation is AlphaGo strengths, may be right AlphaGo strength have enough thought preparation, so they are the surface with a wry smile but overall is more relaxed.