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The world's top 10 tech companies: apple is second with samsung

  • Author:cnbeta
  • Source:cnbeta
  • Release on:2017-05-25
The Forbes website today released its annual list of the world's top 2,000 companies. The list is the world's largest and most powerful public company based on the four indicators of corporate revenues, profits, assets and market capitalisation. The list is based on a comprehensive score, which assigns equal weight to all four indicators. This year, the list of "global top 2000 listed companies" enterprise from 58 countries and regions, the total revenue of $35.3 trillion, profits of $2.5 trillion, $169.1 trillion of assets, the market value of $48.8 trillion.
Of the 2, 000 companies, us companies make up 565, and Chinese companies, excluding Taiwan, have 263. The total number of the 46 companies listed in Taiwan is 309.
Of the top 10 enterprises are: industrial and commercial Bank of China, China construction Bank, Berkshire Hathaway inc. (Berkshire Hathaway), jpmorgan chase and Wells Fargo (Wells Fargo), agricultural Bank of China, Bank of America (Bank of America), Bank of China, apple and Toyota.
Divided according to the industry, the top 10 technology companies: apple (overall rank 9), samsung (no. 15), Microsoft (no. 19), Alphabet (no. 24), IBM (43), Intel (54), cisco (no. 58), oracle (no. 70), foxconn (no. 98) and Facebook (no. 119).
In addition, tencent ranks 12th in the ranking (overall ranked 148), baidu 22nd (392) and Fujitsu 24 (460).
Yesterday, Forbes magazine's list of 2017, "the world's most valuable brands" top ten ranking are: apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Coca-Cola, amazon, Disney, Toyota, McDonald's and samsung.
Of that, apple's brand value is $170bn, $101.8 billion for Google, $87bn for Microsoft, $73.5 billion for Facebook and $38.2 billion for samsung.