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The first nuclear power generator of Hualong No.1 has reached the world advanced level

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-11-08
According to Xinhua News Agency reported on November 6th, the "Hualong No.1" nuclear power 
project in the first generator 6 in Dongfang Motor Co. Ltd. passed the "test", all indicators have 
reached and exceeded the design requirements, marking China's "Hualong No.1" the first 
independent generator successfully.

This is the second CAP1400 nuclear turbo generator motor in the East developed after the three 
generation of China's nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity of completely 
independent design. The research and development of the generator again across the success, 
to create "China nuclear power" brand, Jack cast country has taken a solid step.
Map from China Economic Net
"Hualong," the first nuclear power generator developed by Dongfang Electrical machinery, will 
be used in the 5,6 unit of CNNC Fuqing nuclear power plant. The "test" results show that the 
bearing vibration requirements are not higher than 50 microns, the measured minimum end is 
only 3.9 microns. Other parts vibration is much lower than the design requirements.
Through more than 30 tests, four day rotation by the real machine test, the "Hualong No.1" 
nuclear power generators successfully validated, and better than the contract and the 
performance indexes meet the standard requirements, the unit efficiency, vibration, 
temperature rise and so on are better than unit performance set technology introduction, 
reaches the advanced level in the world.
The "Hualong No.1" in the calculation method, structural arrangement, structural materials, 
insulation technology has a number of innovative design, using self-developed 
electromagnetic calculation program, new ventilation cooling technology, insulation system 
and static excitation system, integral stator structure, the generator efficiency reached 99%.
The "Hualong No.1" as "Chinese nuclear power" national brand, is endowed with "Chinese 
Renaissance, meaning the dragon fly" the ardent expectations of Chinese independent nuclear 
technology, nuclear power in China is to implement the "going out" flagship project. In the 
design of innovation, "Hualong No.1" proposed "safety design the concept of combination of 
active and passive, set up prevention and mitigation measures to improve the safety accidents, 
and technical performance indicators have reached the international advanced level of three 
generation nuclear power technology, nuclear power is the highest security type pressurized 
water reactor, with complete independent intellectual property rights.
In April 2015, the State Council executive meeting decided to approve the construction of the 
"Hualong No.1" three generation nuclear power technology demonstration in Fuqing nuclear 
power unit, No. 5, No. 6 and No. 3 Guangxi Fangchenggang nuclear power unit 4, double 
push.5 month, No. 5 unit of Fuqing nuclear power plant started, pioneered the use of the 
"Hualong No.1", "Hualong a number of" the world's first reactor demonstration project landed 
in Fuqing, the "Hualong No.1" the Dragon waiting time, off Kyushu.