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Hocking once again predicted that the human race disappeared before 2600

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-11-09
In new network on 8 November, according to the Russian satellite network reported that the 
famous British physicist Stephen Hocking, once again made "prophecy", said the human may 
be in 2600 before extinction. Hocking believes that as the earth's population growth, energy 
consumption will increase, the earth will become a "burning fireball".

Reported that Hocking believes that in order to get rid of this disaster, only to find a suitable for 
human survival of the planet. He also said, "if people still want to put their own existing 
extension of 1 million years, to boldly go to their places where they have never been".
Hocking also urged investors to support his "breakthrough photo star" (Breakthrough Starshot) 
project, the project involves from our nearest Centauri Star Tour. Alfa Hocking believes that the 
planet around it may be suitable for the survival of mankind.
Hocking said, "breakthrough Star project" aircraft at the speed of light to 20 years to reach the 
star, and now use the spacecraft to go there, it will take about 30 years.
Pete Worden, the project manager of the breakthrough star, said that in the second half of 
twenty-first Century, the first pictures of the planet that would be suitable for human survival 
could be obtained from the Alfa orbit.