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The global satellite navigation system Beidou China competition "unique skills"

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-11-10
China's new generation Beidou satellite - Beidou three global networking satellite launched in 
Xichang in November 5th, which means that Beidou three satellite navigation system is fully 
started, China Beidou into the global networking era
Beidou satellite navigation system is China focus on national security and economic and social 
development needs, independent construction, independent operation of the satellite 
navigation system, is to provide all-weather, all day long for global users, high precision 
positioning, the state space based navigation and timing service facilities.

So, what is the development of satellite navigation system in China? What are the advantages 
of China Beidou, which is striding towards the world, and what kind of challenges are faced 
Hard negotiations to win valuable channel resources
On the construction of Chinese satellite navigation system began in the last century in 70s, 
"two bombs and one satellite" ancestors once explored "beacon 1". Ultimately because of the 
economic and technical aspects difficult to support, the project was forced to dismount.
In the Gulf War, the combat effectiveness of loading GPS precision strike weapons shocked the
world. Facing the serious national security threats and challenges, in 1994, China made a 
major strategic development, the development of an independent satellite navigation system, 
named "Beidou".
Yes, the American GPS, the Russian GLONASS launched more than 20 satellites, has 
completed a global network.
It is the most suitable golden frequency resource for satellite navigation, which has been 
completely separated by the United States and Russia, and the compass is facing the situation 
of no frequency available.

As the Beidou navigation and frequency design of international coordination chief expert, 
academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Tan Shusen said that the Beidou through 
active mediation, tough negotiations, creatively put forward the satellite navigation signal 
compatibility evaluation criteria, and other proof of Beidou satellite navigation system frequency 
overlap without mutual influence, won the "world consensus" frequency sharing, for frequency 
resources valuable for the country.
In the joint efforts of China and the European Union, ITU from the air navigation band maximum 
extrusion short frequency, using common satellite navigation. This is a short frequency, only 
gold frequency of 1/4, is to build a global navigation system of the basic frequency of demand, 
and countries can apply equally.
In April 17, 2000, China Beidou and European Union Galileo system successfully declared. 
According to ITU rules, the navigation satellite must be successfully launched within 7 years
At 4:11 on April 14, 2007, the first star of Beidou two launched from the Xichang satellite launch 
center, successfully entered the scheduled orbit, 20 days after 16 days of.2, Beijing clearly 
received signals from this satellite.
At this moment, the deadline for application of the frequency stipulated by ITU is less than 4