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A chip allows you to have a "special" function"

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-11-14
The bio hacker movement is fading its mysterious veil.
In fact, no one knows what is the origin of biological hacker movement. Even in the mind has 
always been to be famous Wikipedia, the definition of biological hacker movement is also only 
a few words.

Biological hacker movement refers to the behavior of using experimental materials, developing 
genetic materials as the means, the purpose of human great rejuvenation or crime, and not 
being restrained by common sense and result
In fact, bio hackers from 2005 to enter the media view of development to the present, has been 
gradually divided into two different branches of social movement: DIY (Do-it-your-self Biology) 
and the biological motion of grinding movement (Grinder):DIY biological movement refers to the 
"open source" means, so that ordinary people do not need to rely on the university laboratory 
can be more biological and experimental researches; the grinder movement is more radical, 
by putting some external devices into them, to improve and enhance the function of the body.
Is biological hacker movement really far away from our mainstream culture?
Although there are many limitations, but it is undeniable that now we have imperceptibly, started 
to accept the hacker movement of the core biological point of view: we should re recognize 
themselves as human nature. From the first sports bracelet, to quantify the wind tide of self, 
then popular in small gene sequencing within the scope of these one represents as ordinary 
people that we began to re-examine ourselves, and this is the core idea of DIY biological 
movement advocated.
In addition, when we put on those fanaticism to grind RFID chip implanted into the body 
movement of the practitioner said do not understand, whether we have thought, our hands are 
equipment, can also be regarded as our body part? Like said anthropologist Amber Case in 
TED, the more we are now in the mobile phone dependence, in fact we have to adapt network, 
the first step of self transformation.