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Super red! From WeChat's public numbers to Ins, Bill Gate's power to suck is amazing!

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-08-15
People like Bill Gate, is generally not casually on the site, APP opened the account. A long time 
ago Gates had opened a Facebook account, but because there are tens of thousands of people 
trying to add him as a friend "every day, he chose to abandon not to mind taking the trouble.

Fortunately, Instagram "attention" process design is relatively simple, no need to manually add 
Gates, so that Gates on Friday just opened a Instagram account, in just a few days to get 171 
thousand people's attention. Let's welcome applause, Gates return to the social circle.

Of course, Bill Gate is not to open Instagram account can be similar to most of the above red 
net, show life, show the beauty of the show. Despite the delicacy, Gates had already retired 
and live a more leisurely life, but in fact he is devoted to charity, earlier in the Gates Notes 
website can see Gates in around the world, there are now more Instagram such a platform.
Gates's Instagram account called @ thisisbillgates (Gates, Xie powder with the first Instagram), 
he released related and charity shows Gates in Tanzania photos, received a total of 68 
thousand and 900 points praise, 6951 comments, of course, as time goes on, you see this 
article when the data is may have doubled.

At present, Gates is also concerned with some people, including his wife Melinda, founder of 
virgin Richard Branson, Facebook founder Zuckerberg, tennis star Roger Federer, NASA, 
Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg. Gates's wife Melinda is Instagram old users, Gates 
settled after Melinda also had an intimate interaction, Melinda can finally say mark Gates in 
the photo.
In fact Gates's account in the major platform can be more than this one, in February this year, 
Gates also settled in the WeChat public number, the first tweet "I'm Bill Gate. Welcome to my 
WeChat public number > just released soon, it broke through the 100 thousand of the amount
 of reading, and the article is inserted in the Gates say hello to Chinese the reader's video,
 soon the Tencent has reached 200 thousand of the amount of this watch, the influence is

Gates also has a micro-blog account, opened in September 27, 2010, currently has 3 million 
360 thousand fans, micro-blog released the contents of the basic related to "Bill and Melinda
 Gates foundation, including Gates in the work of the foundation and other interests to learn 
At the moment, Gates's personal account on the Internet is still very official, and it seems 
unlikely that we'll see him like Trump on twitter.