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Mo-tse let China achieve three big scientific goals ahead of schedule

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  • Release on:2017-08-14
The star earth quantum key distribution experiment was taken in Nanshan, Urumqi, in May 2017.
 Several photos have been synthesized of satellite transit. The background is the stellar orbit of 
the stars
The Earth Star teleportation experiment was taken in April 2017 at the Chinese Academy of 
Sciences in Tibet.

There are 6 days away from the world's first quantum science experimental satellite "Mo-tse" will 
launch a full year.8 month 10 days, the chief scientist of the satellite, University of Science & 
Technology China academician Pan Jianwei led the research team to the outside world and the 
Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly announced a major achievement of "Mo-tse" in the first time 
the successful implementation of the "two thousand kilometers" satellite quantum communication.
"The physical science nature journal editor Karl Tsimls said" this is very exciting news 
(veryexcitingstuff), and gives the evaluation: "in the past, people will say the quantum technology 
limit on the horizon, but this is actually somewhat conservative." the Pan Jianwei team this 
experiment, quantum technology has exceeded the sky limit (gonebeyondthesky) ", and the 
application of quantum communication technology to enhance such" astronomical height 
A month ago, the Pan Jianwei team in the world to realize the "thousand kilometer level" star 
two-way quantum entanglement distribution, and the results are published in the June 16th issue 
of the journal Science, the "Mo-tse" a scientific task "star two-way quantum entanglement 
distribution"; as this will be another the two task be completed: high speed satellite ground 
quantum key distribution and quantum teleportation of stars, related results have been 
published online in the August 10th "Nature journal.
So far, the "Mo-tse" belongs to the China quantum satellite, has completed the preset three 
scientific objectives in advance. In August 4th the media conference, Bai Chunli Dean of 
Academy of Sciences of Chinese China youth - youth online and other media said, "(" Mo-tse '
quantum satellite) series of achievements won a great international reputation. Mark research 
in China in the field of quantum communication to "advanced" in the international position ".

The experiment about unconditional secure communication: earliest submission, late publication
For thousands of years, people have never stopped the pursuit of security communication. 
However, the traditional encryption technology based on computational complexity, in principle 
there is the possibility of deciphering. With mathematical and computational capacity of 
continuous improvement, the classic password is the possibility of deciphering grow with each 
passing day--In 1999, the traditional RSA512 encryption algorithm is cracked; in 2009, RSA768 
was cracked; "has not yet been cracked" RSA1024 "is also considered to be cracked is a matter 
of time. As for the next generation of standard password" pairing password ", in 2012 it has been 
cracked.2017 in February, Google cracked SHA-1 algorithm applied to file in digital certificate. 
So it was said," it is suspected that the human intellect cannot construct human beings can not 
crack the password.
However, the development of quantum mechanics for more than 100 years has brought another 
possibility to mankind.
Pan Jianwei said, unlike classical communication, quantum key distribution through the 
transmission of quantum states, in the distant two users can share the unconditional security key, 
the key is a secret to encrypt the information strictly -- this is the only known human can not be 
eavesdropping, unconditional secure communication can be deciphered.
One of the important research contents is quantum key distribution.
According to Pan Jianwei, the "quantum key distribution" experiments about quantum secure 
communication network, the so-called "feasibility" is "absolutely safe communication" in the
 future, so the results include some data in the process, have attracted scientists attention.
Pan Jianwei said in an China youth - youth online and other media interview, "the results of the 
submission time quantum key distribution", "distribution" star than two-way quantum 
entanglement with the result two weeks earlier, but eventually published time, was late for 
nearly two months, the latter is the former is June 16th. August 10th.
"We are too concerned about the experiment," Nature journal continue to require us to provide 
relevant experimental details and data to other peers will be able to repeat and validate the 
results of our experiments, we have to constantly to "dig" experimental data. "Pan Jianwei said.
KM Level Key Distribution: communication rate increased by one trillion times than traditional 
However, the article finally passed the "nature" magazine reviewer's "gatekeeper" and was 
"Natural" magazine reviewer praised satellite ground quantum key distribution results "admirable 
achievements (impressiveachievement)" and "the field of a milepost (it constitute samiles tone 
in the field)", and that "there is no doubt that will lead to quantum information, high interest in 
space science and other fields of scientists and the general public, and lead the public the media 
widely reported.
The so-called key distribution experiment, to the establishment of quantum mechanics "principle" 
as the premise. For example, "quantum no cloning theorem, quantum integral", the "bugging must
 be found, and the" quantum "a secret, completely random, and let the" unbreakable encryption. 
To become a reality.
Karl Tsimls also mentioned that the quantum key is the key to ensure the communication of high 
security. He said: "in the absence of key cases, is unable to read these communications, if 
someone tapped your key, principle of quantum mechanics to ensure you will know from the 
security communication on you a floor"
Today, the idea of this quantum key distribution experiment has been done at a distance of more 
than 1000 kilometers
Specifically, the satellite signal quantum quantum key distribution, ground receiving, "Mo-tse" 
quantum satellite, establish optical link and Hebei prosperous ground optical station, 
communication distance from 645 km to 1200 km.
According to the experimental results, the "Mo-tse" in the 1200 km distance communication,
 satellite quantum source decoy state average 40 million photons per second sent signal, the 
security key rail docking experiments one can generate 300kbit, the average rate of up to 1.1kbps.
These data have a contrast result, that is, "star earth quantum key" transmission efficiency than 
traditional technology - that is, the same distance from the ground fiber channel, 20 orders of 
magnitude higher, that is, to upgrade trillion times
Pan Jianwei said, this laid a reliable technical basis for the construction of quantum secure 
communication network covering the whole world. In the future, he hoped that satellite ground 
quantum key distribution based on the satellite as a trusted relay, can achieve any two points on 
the earth shared key, the quantum key distribution is extended to cover the world.
As the satellite application system engineer quantum science, University of Science & Technology 
China professor Peng Chengzhi said, the next step to improve coverage in their research on the 
satellite, through high orbit satellite or "quantum constellation" network, can realize all day long 
when quantum communication network.
The pacemaker is coming: China opens the door to global quantum communications
As a US colleague said, although the first spacecraft and the first man-made satellite is made 
out of the Soviet Union, but the United States is the first landing on the moon. They feel that as 
long as you work hard, you can catch up with the China in quantum field pan.