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"How much does it cost to train an astronaut?" Yang Liwei said. "It's an equa

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-08-11
There are media reports, the recent China will start implementation of the third phase of astronaut 
selection and training missions, selection and training of astronauts is undoubtedly has a very 
strict requirements, selected and trained people, is likely to become a human at this stage is able 
to "free" into the space of the lucky.

The astronaut selection and training in China as early as 1970 began, in the summer of that year,
 China prepared from approximately more than one thousand pilots in the selection of astronauts, 
many of them was the hero of the battle, the task execution to the final stage, but because of 
technical and economic reasons, the manned spacecraft work was suspended, the selection of 
astronauts settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.
At the present stage of China's astronauts, from the beginning of January 1998 after the selection, 
selection, check and review the primaries, strict selection of the four phases, produced a total of 
12 astronauts, some of them were later to become familiar names, such as Yang Liwei, Zhai 
Zhigang, Nie Haisheng and so on.
An astronaut after training, not only is very strict, daily life is very strict, many things need to follow 
the prescribed order arrangements, in addition is to accept the harsh space subject learning and 
training, then develop an astronaut to spend much money? China's first astronaut Yang Liwei said 
that the information in this country: in order to select an astronaut can be said that the investment 
of manpower to bend over backwards, countless. If the fighter pilot is piled up with the same 
amount of gold, so the space is piled up with the same amount of diamond.
This is not a false statement. If the value of gold for the fighter jet is equal to that of the human
 body, then the astronauts will need the same amount of diamonds as the human body.

And then people who value the diamond is about how much money! Currently on the market 1 
carat diamond price from 30 thousand ~25 million yuan, because the level is not the same, the 
price gap is big, we went to the minimum 3 carat diamond case, 1 carat =0.2 grams, that is to 
say 5000 carat according to =1 kg. A person weighs 65 kg, counting down the value of 9 billion 
750 million yuan.
An astronaut trained to spend nearly 10 billion yuan, I really want to make some people 
speechless! The investment in space is really not comparable to other areas.