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It's more scary than an Internet bar! King of Glory is becoming a hotbed for children's Inte

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-07-06
Recently, the king of glory in the game are issue of public opinion, the hit rate in the crowd 
of underage people beyond everyone's imagination, has become a new era of mobile 
Internet "cancer".

As a game, "king's glory" is a success, and for society, it keeps releasing negative energy.

Users aged 12 and under account for 4.78 per cent of users aged 12 and below, and 18.53 
per cent of users aged 12 to 17 are reported to be watching. In other words, more than 
20 percent of "00 post" users account for "honor of the king". Minors are gradually 
becoming the main force in the glory of Kings.

In the face of criticism and suspicion of the outside world, tencent has announced for 
the king of glory will launch the "most strict" anti-addiction system, a total of three major 
measures should be taken to prevent minors addiction, including restrictions under the 
age of 12 players can only play for an hour every day, grow guardian platform 
introduced hardware binding function to avoid minors through more account login to 
bypass the restrictions, and strengthen the real-name certification system to ensure the 
identity identification to players.