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What can an intelligent AGV robot do?

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-07-07
What can an intelligent AGV robot do?

With the development of Chinese society, the country is facing a huge increase in labor force,
 industrial adjustment and labor costs. The future of China's industrial sector, many factory
 workshop will face all kinds of difficulties, many college students after graduation, do not 
want to go to work to the workshop, the loss of talent is inevitable. So the AGV intelligent 
robot was born.
Believe a lot of friends have seen the intelligent robot, warehouse robot, AGV, intelligent 
packaging robot and so on, with the progress of science and technology, logistics 
warehousing automation technology is also in constant change and progress, AGV robot 
is on the way of logistics security industry contribute their strength.
First, AGV storage and the use of robots can completely automatic operation a series of
 complex industrial process, will more labor costs from the cumbersome machinery of the 
event, and AGV warehouse robot can realize 24-hour non-stop work, this will greatly 
improve the production efficiency of the whole industry, also can save a lot of labor costs, 
will surely become the development trend of the future.
Some people ask, is this kind of AGV robot expensive? Can smes afford to do this? The 
answer is yes, the average AGV car price is about 5-200,000 yuan, and AGV manufacturer 
can also provide you with the best after-sales service.
As the AGV robot to join, has brought a lot of factories to transport and distribution's really 
improve, improve the efficiency of the whole production, saves the production cost, AGV 
car welcome and loved by many manufacturers, co., LTD. Shenzhen ou armoured intelligent 
robots will lead to more domestic small and medium-sized enterprise comprehensive 
technology upgrading, make more intelligent warehouse.