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Chinese women's volleyball revolution! The three goddesses will retire

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-07-05
World grand prix women's volleyball team will in the future, this also is the Rio Olympics after 
the new Chinese women's volleyball team main force in the first major event in the world, 
and at last night, the Chinese women's volleyball team also announced to the world 
women's volleyball grand prix this weekend opening kunshan station list of 14 people.

Rio in the list, in the past year Olympic Games contestant has only six people, in 
addition to the women's volleyball indispensable new captain, the top star twila, ace 
spiker annabell, fofao Ding Xia, had Yuan Xinyue, Gong Xiangyu and free rub and
 without controversy will become the core of the new women's volleyball team.

And let the women's volleyball team fans feel a little sad, although saw many new 
faces, but some of the women's volleyball team of the former star because of age, 
have no injuries in the grand prix of the list.

First of all, the absence of the star, the most popular and highest appearance than 
ace spiker HuiReQi, born in 1990 HuiReQi did well in the Rio Olympics last year, 
especially in the three knockout, HuiReQi played the role of anchored.

Just heart problem has always been the old women's volleyball captain since the 
choice of the completely fade out after the games.And recently, small hui also said 
in an interview a word seems to be implied from their retirement is near: \"because
 of body reason, I may not be in a line for the women's volleyball for a long time!
I hope I can use another way to support our women volleyball team!\"Perhaps, 
this year's national games will be the last hurrah xiaohui.
Besides HuiReQi, women's volleyball team, another beautiful moon former 
captain wei is also in select fade out national team after the Olympic Games.As 
women's volleyball setter main for many years, wei moon over the years 
accumulated too many injuries, while Rio's Olympic gold medal for her career 
also have a perfect ending.Just married this year, she is likely to say goodbye to 
the professional field.

If HuiReQi moon and wei can also use an Olympic gold medal to finish his career,
 the captain of the women's volleyball World Cup had spring bud had to quietly 
left in regret.Last year was the Olympic squad she is likely to choose to retire 
after this year's national games, maybe we can't see on the field \"bud\" warm 
heart smile.

In addition to the three beauties veteran, is called \"the most beautiful national
 women's volleyball player\" list of absent Zhang Changning grand prix has caused 
great controversy.Although the women's volleyball coach jiajie explain Zhang 
Changning is absent because of injury, but still could not hide fans on the shell.

As the main members of the Olympic Games last year and this year, after all, women's 
volleyball league MVP, Zhang Changning should have is the most suitable partner 
twila, perhaps we want to see \"Zhu Bao\" the national team again combination 
can only wait for the finals.
There is no denying the fact that every single champion of new and old replace is 
inevitable, but has brought us the perfect recall of veterans left still can make many 
fans sad, hope these veteran future can all goes well, also hope that the new 
Chinese women's volleyball team in Tokyo cycle still can continue to bring us surprise!