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Besides sorting and sending the next generation of Courier robots?

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-07-27
The development of e-commerce has led to the development of express delivery. In order to 
increase the efficiency, China's express industry has also begun to use robots. At present, 
most of the functions used by express delivery are sorting and delivery, so what functions will 
the next delivery robot have? According to the Wall Street journal, robot developers are already 
making breakthroughs in picking and packaging technologies that could be used in future 
delivery robots.

For retailers, from shelves to item and pack the goods before delivery to the automation of the 
work face huge obstacles, electrical business labor intensive and the work is also one of the 
highest part. In most e-commerce distribution centers, picking goods is the most expensive 
part of labor costs and one of the least automated processes.
Robot developers, however, has obtained the breakthrough on the technology, including the 
Saks Fifth Avenue all the Hudson 's Bay and China electricity giant jingdong, several 
companies have begun to recent testing of picking robot in the distribution center, according to 
some robotics companies, their robots in carrying a small device condition, speed will be faster 
than artificial 50%. Jd.com is developing its own pickup robot, which it began testing in April in 
Shanghai. Cheng hui, head of jd's silicon valley robotics research center, said the company 
hopes to have a fully automated warehouse by the end of next year.
The greatest benefit of a robot to pick up goods is the high yield. RightHand automatic picking 
robot Robotics company every time in the process of experiment data records in the related 
database, data sets, the greater the mechanical arm picking speed is faster, will also make 
reliability. At the same time, because the robot can operate 24 hours, the efficiency is obviously 
more than the manpower. And some of the companies hope that through some research into 
the open to speed up the development, such as the amazon will later this month in a Japanese 
robot technology conference held its third annual automatic picking contest.
But we learned from the news, automatic picking technology into commercial use at least one 
year of way to go, the main challenge is to create a huge 3 d draw items database, robots need 
these data to determine the best way to grab a new object.