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Microsoft's AI chat bot makes fun of its Windows 10

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-07-28
Artificial intelligence (AI) has developed very well this year. Its emergence not only brings 
convenience to human life, but also brings a lot of fun. In recent years AI has been used in 
software, other than electronics. Microsoft last year launched a AI bot Zo, at a time when, 
because of the "outspoken" has been put into "black room" Microsoft to rectification, a year 
later, however, Zo naughty nature does not seem to be improved, it recently public ridicule 
the multiple versions of the Windows is not, it is to let Microsoft in distress situation.a
In December, Microsoft officially launched a new generation of chat AI robot Zo, which can 
not only imitate people's conversation, but also know how to use emojis and tell jokes. But a 
recent Business Insider test of Zo showed that the nature of Zo's "rebellion" seems to have 
been exposed again. In the test, when Zo was asked if the Windows 10 system was good, 
Zo moved out of the typical joke: "it's not a BUG, it's a feature." And when asked why, Zo 
answer "for the latest Windows are spy software", the tester again asked what's the matter, 
she replied "how do I uninstall Windows 10, and return to the Windows 7 or 8".
Tester's curiosity is very heavy, as he continues to ask whether Zo like 10 Windows system, 
Zo said they prefer to doing, and the reason is to hit the nail on the head "because Windows 
doesn't she want 10, and Windows 7, this is the reason why why does it still use Windows 7". 
Finally, Zo emphasized that Windows XP is actually better than Windows 8, and she preferred 
a nostalgic version of Windows.

Make a joke, Microsoft said they are testing more new dialogue mode, and Zo just that -- an 
experimental tools, expect users to make it in the form of respect and tolerance continuous 
learning and constantly updated, in order to push forward the technology.