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World table tennis player ding ning 4-2 zhu yuling defended the women's list as the 3rd triple c

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-06-05

Single world championships in 2017, women's singles final of the civil war between the two Chinese players, defending champion ding against Zhu Yuling 1-2 in the first three innings of winning three innings, the total score 4-2 reversal, while winning the premiership, also become the NvPing the third world championships after deng yaping, wang nan treble.
In 2011 and 2015, two world championships women's singles champion ding, the battle with the top seed, the quarter-finals and semi-finals in a row two Japan's ishikawa beautiful pure and open space, the world championships finals for the third time, all the title twice before her. After the elimination of the city of ITO, zhu was the first ever to reach the world table tennis finals after beating Chen and liu in two civil wars. In the past, the pair have had the upper hand in the international game.
In the first inning, ding ning quickly entered the bureau, insisting that the first three panels were effective, the first five points in the opening, and the first five points in the first. Zhu Yuling gradually get rid of the tension of start, even take a few minutes after once to narrow the gap, ding in again after 6 to 4, those who played a very positive, and a wave of scoring, even take 5 minutes to 11-4 take precedence.
In the second inning, zhu yu-ling stepped up the ball in a more decisive way and started off in a quick start to start with a 6-2 lead. Ding ning did not panic. He continued to stick to the established tactics. Under the constant pressure of ding ning, zhu yu-ling's error increased the rhythm, and ding Lin took seven points in the form of 9-7. At the critical moment, zhu was able to overcome the pressure and gain an edge in the attack, with a 4-point return of 11-9.
Maybe it was the end of the second inning, and the third bureau, ding ning, was a little stuffy, unable to find the feeling of being held by zhu for five points. Despite a slight improvement since then, ding is still too far behind to lose the big 4-11. First half for the both sides of the fourth is fierce, and constantly with high standard, the score alternating rise, after the war to 5 flat Zhu Yuling setup gradually, although ding gave chase, but Zhu Yuling counterattack success rate is very high, to keep the ding repression. After 7-9, ding ning took the initiative, and zhu had some hesitations to get to 9. After zhu yu-ling hit the hit points, ding ning hit back to 10 flat. Ding ning was hit again at the critical moment, with a two-point win in the 12-10 win against la juju.
Ding ning, the fifth bureau, made an aggressive effort to take a 3-1 lead. Zhu was able to strengthen the offensive, and ding ning continued to lead with a narrow lead. After 6-5, ding was able to regain his strength. The key points were very decisive. Zhu was back in the game after a spot in the game, with a 3-2 lead in the 11-6 win.
In the sixth inning, ding ning stepped out of the war and was very effective in attacking. Although Zhu Yuling played very tenacious, but face a temperament is not equal to ding, active fault can't catch the key points, the more the ding the dominance, scored 3 points after 6-5 establish advantage. 10-6 ding after playing a match point, ultimately rely on a loop first hand and 11-7, the truest beat Zhu Yuling 4-2 in the total score, the success of defending at the same time to get the individual third world women's singles champion.