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The maotanchang school has a high school education

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-06-06
In recent years, the unprecedented 10,000 people have sent an army of people to a special 
"holiday" in the town of maotanchang.
To take an examination of students, parents, there are several media both at home and 
abroad, on this day at 8 a.m. 08 points, seethes the quiet town in dabie mountain area.

On the morning of June 5th, at 8:11, maotanchang middle school, aerial photography, 
took the test site.
Super high school

The name of the town of maotanchang comes from the school of maotanchang. A "
super high school" called "Asia's biggest gaokao factory".
In 2013, tens of thousands of parents sent a spectacular spectacle to the college
 entrance exam. The next year, the hit documentary, "China's second season on
 the tip of the tongue", made a big splash in the maotanchang school scene.
On June 4, aerial photography of the town of maotanchang in liuan, anhui province. In 
the middle of the picture, the main road leads to maotanchang high school.

According to several school staff and students,
In 2017, the maotanchang school has 55 high-class classes, each with more than 
100 people. At the same time, there are 67 rereading classes, including 53 in 
science and 14 in the liberal arts, with about 150 in each class.
The number of candidates for the exam was nearly 20,000.
On June 2, the campus of maotanchang middle school high school three teaching, 
hang the banner and the college entrance exam countdown electronic display.

Ten thousand people send test
The local people called the maotanchang school a "MAO zhong", and every inch of 
land and air in the town of maotanchang, in the area, seemed to have been "soaked" 
by the gaokao.

No. 1 no. 1, no. 1, no. 1, no. 1, no. 1, no. Even the apartments in the north gate are 
named after top universities such as tsinghua hall and the north hall.
On the morning of June 5, maotanchang middle school, waiting at the school gate to 
send the parents.
The most characteristic of the "gaokao scenery" in maotanchang town is that the 10,000 
people who made it famous during the first world war will be given the ceremony.

MAO was more than 70 km away from the city of liuan, about two hours' drive. It is an 
important preparation in the pre-entrance examination of the annual college entrance 

At 8:08 am on June 5, the police car opened the way for the examinee.

At 7 am on June 5, gao SAN students have been set up in the playground.

At 8:08, "ji time" arrived, 28 buses were coming out of the playground on time.
At 8:09 am on June 5, the parents were sent to cheer for the children in the exam room.
Outside the school gate, tens of thousands of parents have gathered for the exam.
At 8:13 am on June 5, the bus carrying the examinees slowly drove out of the town 
of maotanchang.