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What happens if a cubic centimeter of black hole gets onto the earth? The scene can be so misera

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-08-25
Although one cubic centimeter of such a big black hole looks not worth mentioning, but when it 
came to the earth, everything on the earth will change, the first two gravity will make even closer, 
it is shown that a black hole would quickly drill into the interior of the earth, a continuous 
absorption of earth materials, the gravity of the earth completely changed at that moment, the 
human will feel the gravity of at least doubled, at the same time, the earth began to collapse, all 
created earth and humanity will begin to collapse.

First of all, due to the earth's material into the black hole of the huge amount of radiation will be
 rapidly melting inside the earth, the earth soon turned into a glowing lava ball, because the
 black hole is inside the earth back and forth mopping up, the plates of the earth are broken 
crumble, short time volcano will become a common phenomenon.
When the rotation of the earth will be accelerated, but the direction with the black hole spin
direction, faster and faster, the earth becomes more and more small, the brightness is more and 
more high, strong burst of gamma rays, and the ball more and more flat, because the direction 
of rotation it too quickly, gradually, all the earth will become a black hole accretion disk, a very 
bright light, but the middle is one of only one cubic centimeter of small hole, what also can't see. 
And two in the direction perpendicular to the accretion disk on the center of the black hole will 
appear powerful jets, are extremely tiny charged particles.

In fact, not only is the earth will be ravaged, even over 380 thousand km from the moon can't 
run in, these phenomena occur at the same time, the moon will be in the fast track will become 
closer, ellipse, according to angular momentum conservation and energy conservation, the 
perigee will far 1/5, at the same time the moon will the first deformation, was pulled into an 
oval, and then decomposed slowly, and the moon side toward the earth, will be an accretion 
disk light roasted red, part of the material began to evaporate, the moon is pulled into the rock, 
and the rock will be pulled broken, divided into smaller rocks, into a strip and join the accretion 
disk to the formation of the earth.
When the black hole accretion disk becomes extremely bright, after the area began to slowly 
decrease, because of the material is part into the black hole, so the accretion disk is more and 
more small, more and more small, black holes will eventually be absorbed clean, in this process, 
the light will gradually reduce, finally what also can't see.
Look at the black hole horizon, it only increased the volume to two cubic centimeters, besides 
what has not happened, yes, the earth and the moon are eaten, it just adds a cubic centimeter.