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Patient's good news, 3D print technology wins the liver, and so does China's 200 million liv

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-08-24
Review: according to statistics, Chinese about 140 million hepatitis B, 40 million patients, 25 
million patients with alcoholic liver, fatty liver in 70 million patients. Considering the cross 
effects of disease, a conservative estimate of about 200 million in patients with liver disease.
 According to the forecast, this data will reach 447 million in 2020.

For the early liver disease patients, patients with alcoholic liver and fatty liver is through life 
care, exercise, liver protection drugs for the treatment of the way; hepatitis B has not yet 
developed effective antiviral drugs, but the American FDA approved for Nuo Fuwei is expected 
to achieve clinical cure; hepatitis C is curable, the most effective antiviral drugs is the three 
generation (Suofeibu Ji Wei, Wei He, Garvey) comprehensive cure rate of up to 99%.
However, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other liver disease is a kind of occult disease, many 
patients found that the disease often has reached a stage of cirrhosis and liver cancer, and 
alcoholic liver disease, end-stage manifestation of fatty liver diseases are cirrhosis and liver 
cancer, and once the deterioration of this drug can only play the role of mitigation finally, only 
liver transplantation (malignant high advanced hepatocellular carcinoma liver transplantation 
can even use).

3D print liver, for 200 million patients with liver security
3D bio print research and development company released a gratifying research data: liver
 tissue manufactured by 3D printing technology can survive in animals!

3D printing liver tissues were implanted into the livers of mice, can be treated with a alpha 
antitrypsin deficiency, this is a kind of hereditary disease can cause liver disease, mainly in 
the lack of human proteins. Many patients although young but had cirrhosis, is an alpha - 
antitrypsin deficiency caused the disaster.

After 2 months of implantation, the 3D printed liver tissue was in normal storage. The liver 
of mice who underwent 3D printing liver improved significantly compared with mice without 
liver transplantation!
In view of animal liver 3D print gratifying results achieved, has now developed the human 
liver ExVive model with human liver tissues of multicellular, repeatable performance, can 
maintain the human liver specific function and metabolism.