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The vice professor of returnee invented the sorting robot in one second to identify 26 kinds of leti

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-12-09
The newspaper news face buried in the ashes of the hundreds of thousands of beans, Cinderella
needs, perhaps not a flock of birds, but several flexible robots.
8, first held in Colleges and universities in Hubei Province scientific and technological personnel 
innovation and entrepreneurship competition, associate professor Li Miao returnees Wuhan 
University Industry Science Research Institute at the age of 31, with the project, the intelligent 
operating system of industrial robot Cooper won the first prize.
Of course, he's not here to save Cinderella. Li Miao's Wuhan Cooper Technology Co., Ltd., 
concentrating on the robot flexible manufacturing system, is able to complete disordered sorting.
What is an example of sorting disorderly? Cinderella among the ashes picking beans. A common 
industrial robot, the mechanical arm as an example, most of them are in accordance with 
established procedures, according to the preset trajectory, and in medicine, food, 3C, retail and 
other industries, logistics sorting disorderly people still need to complete.
Red bean, mung bean, soybean. If Cinderella to rip out 26 beans in the ashes?
Li Miao was a customized a letinous edodes robot intelligent disorder sorting line, white mushroom,
Camellia mushroom, mushroom plate, film can identify 26 kinds of mushrooms. Letinous edodes, 
picking up speed can reach 0.8 seconds / month, precision can reach 99.7%.4 robot with 2 workers
to work together, can replace 8 workers. One day to pick up nearly ten thousand pieces of letinous 
edodes, can cost minus 20%.
Zeng Li Bo at the Swiss Federal reformatory Lausanne Li Miao, a long-term study of grasp planning 
and intelligent control, the introduction of home. "Last year was based on visual decision making," 
said Li Miao, artificial intelligence for sorting line, not only saving, more important is the "heart", 
"eyes", people spend a few seconds the sorting machine, only less than 1 seconds, fast.