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Great significance! The Chinese satellite "Wukong" found a suspected dark matter trace

  • Author:chinatopwin
  • Source:chinatopwin
  • Release on:2017-12-11

The data figure: dark matter particle detection satellite "Wu" (DAMPE).
Dark matter, a human being after years of cosmic phantom, has recently been Chinese Wukong 
found suspected traces. According to Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that dark matter 
particles detection satellite Wukong have sufficient data confirm that in space measurement to a 
different Chang Bo electronic cosmic rays. This wave had never been the observed mean China, 
scientists have made a groundbreaking discovery, and may be associated with dark matter. The 
results at Beijing time 30 days by the international authoritative academic journal Nature 
published < > online.
What did "Wukong" see?
After two years of continuous observation, "Wukong" has "located" a bunch of apparent electronic 
cosmic rays that are obviously different from the normal in the super high energy spectrum of 1 
trillion and 400 billion TeV.
"Before no one found." "Goku" chief scientist, Zijinshan Observatory deputy director Chang Jin 
explained that the normal energy spectrum changes should be a smooth curve, but according 
to the observation data, here the "Monkey King" suddenly appeared a sharp fluctuations, draw 
a "rush", means here there will be a "odd".
"The existing physical model can't explain the latest discovery of 'Wukong'." < Nature > 
reviewer, an internationally renowned theoretical physicist.
Chang Jin, chief scientist - "Goku" introduces the dark matter particle detection satellite science.
Whether the new discovery is the trace of dark matter pursued by scientists? Wu Yueliang, 
director of the Institute of theoretical physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, "according to 
the existing data and theoretical models, we cannot make a judgement, but this is" suggesting 
new possible evidence for the existence of dark matter particles ".
What does it mean to find dark matter?

At present, the mainstream scientific circles believe that only 5% of the total mass of the 
universe has been found by human beings. The rest is made up of dark matter and dark energy. 
Because of the fact that dark matter can not be directly observed, the interaction with matter is 
very weak. So far, little is known about it.
The dark matter of the "truth" so one of the most important scientific mysteries in twenty-first 
Century. To uncover the mystery of dark matter, is considered to be following Copernicus's 
heliocentric theory, Newton's law of gravity, Einstein's theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, 
human understanding of the laws of nature and a major leap.
Bai Chunli said the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, basic science from 
discovery to applications often hundreds of 100 years for the units of measurement, and this 
effect will be disruptive. The relativity and quantum mechanics, only the aerospace, 
semiconductor and Internet. As the world's most cutting-edge science topics, believe that dark 
matter found, not less than they are.